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Tamed by Stacey Kennedy

Publisher: Loveswept (3/10/2015)
Series: Club Sin, book 5
Genre: Erotic Romance
Source: NetGalley/Tasty Book Tours
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USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy returns to the tantalizing world of Club Sin in an enticing novel of control and surrender.

Porter Marshall has nearly achieved his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, but his new sub poses a much bigger challenge than he anticipated. Despite their mutual attraction and red-hot dungeon sessions, Kenzie Hart plays her own games. Her bratty, you-can’t-break-me attitude masks terrible personal hurt—pain that only the exquisite touch of a skilled Dom can release. But when Porter suggests taking their connection to the outside world, Kenzie denies him . . . which only makes him want her more.
Kenzie can’t ignore the raw, fierce bond she has with Porter. But she can’t give in to his dangerous demands, either. Is the passion they share real, or is he using her to solidify his status at Club Sin? And yet, who else can she trust with the shattering secrets she holds within? As Porter expertly brings her to the point of no return, Kenzie surrenders her body—and, piece by piece, her heart.
Tamed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

about Stacey || Stacey Kennedy is the USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin series. Growing up, Stacey’s mind wandered the path less traveled, and that path most often led to love. She has always broken rules and she continues to feed off emotion—always staying true to her heart. Those traits are now the bones of her stories.

She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who puts any of the heroes in her books to shame, and their two young children. If she’s not on Mom duty or plugging away at a new story, you’ll find Stacey camping in the summer, hibernating in the winter, and obsessing over Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, and Sons of Anarchy.

{ excerpt } .

Since Porter had been a member of Club Sin for only a couple months, Dmitri decided that Porter needed to prove himself to their members. That’s where Kenzie came into play—she would be Porter’s submissive for one month as a test for him. She knew the reason Dmitri picked her. Most Doms lost patience with her. If Porter could withstand a month playing only with her, that said a lot about his skill.

She thought that should insult her, but it didn’t. Bottom line: It worked for her, because it meant that they all saw her exactly as she wanted them to. A brat. She didn’t push against Doms because she wanted to be a Dominant, nor was she a switch—a person who enjoyed playing both roles. She was most definitely a submissive. She liked receiving pleasure and pain, not giving it, as a Dominatrix would. All the same, she nearly shuddered at the thought of Porter being careful with her like he would be with a new submissive. “Don’t treat me like a newbie,” she said sternly.
His eyes narrowed. “Don’t treat me like a newbie, what?”
“Don’t treat me like a newbie, sir.
His grip tightened on her chin. He was too intense. Too focused. Unease swept through her as he asked, “So what is that gesture, then? When you lift your chin, are you showing defiance because you want to play games with me?”
She swallowed, not liking the scrutiny he put her under. Never, not once, had a Dom called her out on her behavior. They simply punished it, which was exactly how she liked it. It kept her at a safe distance. But she also wanted Porter in a bad way. To have this Dom’s hands on her body: Yes, please. The arrangement between them gave her the chance to get what she wanted . . . him, especially considering he hadn’t yet asked her to scene with him in the couple months he’d been at Club Sin. “No, sir, I don’t want to play games.”
“Then why do you make such newbie mistakes? Is it on purpose?”
To challenge you.
She ignored her thought and shrugged. “Habit, sir.”
A wicked smile slowly crossed his face and he took the final step to close the distance between them, making the air thicken. His strong body pressed against hers, and her sex moistened as quickly as she drew in a deep breath. What special thing this man had that others didn’t, she didn’t know, but one look, one simple touch, made her burn.
He brought his mouth centimeters from hers, and his warm, minty breath brushed across her face. “Ah, yes, you have gotten away with much, haven’t you?”

She battled against pressing her tingling lips to his, confused by his statement. There was nothing she got away with in Club Sin. The Doms she had played with always issued a punishment, but she wasn’t going to argue with a man in full Dom mode. “If that’s what you think, sir.”
He snorted a laugh. “Now you’re playing it that way?”
She nearly pushed against his fingers to lift her head in her defense, but she got the feeling that if she did it again it would only prove his point. “What way am I playing this now, sir?”
“Placating me?”
She rolled her eyes. “Okay, I give. I’m waving the white flag. Every answer I give seems to annoy you. What would you like me to say, sir?”
Her heart tripped in her chest as he brushed his finger over her cheek. His touch. His smell. His hot and hard body. She fought to remain in control of her mind and not tumble into the passion right there, ready for her to take it.

{ review} .
First off? How about that cover...? It may just be my favorite of this series.


Hands down, it is my favorite.

Secondly? Gah, move over Ella and Kyler... I have a new favorite Club Sin couple. Granted, oh-em-gee, I loved the Ella and Kyler parts of this book. I certainly did miss them.

This book, when you really want to get down to it, is about the taming of Kenzie -- the brattiest of subs that Club Sin has ever had. Not only that, she's the brattiest that Dmitri, club owner, has ever met. However, when he left his previous club to open this one, he allowed Kenzie to come with because he knew other Doms weren't going to put up with her.

As it is, Doms do a scene with her and get it finished as soon as they both find release.

Kenzie has a mouth on her and tends to be snippy with her Doms. She has her reasonings, however...

When she's "just Kenzie", she's a bookworm and bookstore owner (and one of Porter's favorite looks on her is when she's reading... however, he also doesn't allow her to hide behind books, either). She tends to keep to herself and doesn't hold close relationships. She goes to the club to forget her worries and her life, and when Porter threatens those things and doesn't allow her to find her release... Everything comes crashing down.

As a way for him to get Master status at the club, thirty-five year old Porter is told her has one month to play with Kenzie and Kenzie only. If he can tame her and show the club his skills as a Dom, he will get to be a Master. Porter has been studying Kenzie, and thinks he's found the key to breaking her.

I loved watching both the internal and external struggles Kenzie faces in this book. I've always enjoyed her and thought she was spunky and sassy. And while I love Porter for his name (wink), I love Porter for Kenzie.

The further these two go in their club 'relationship', the more Porter wants Kenzie to open up and be completely honest. Kenzie, however, can't manage to see past the Dom/sub relationship they have and continues to push him away. When danger comes to her door, Porter does everything in his power to keep her safe, but never gives her the words. It's no wonder, then, in her life of everyone leaving her, Kenzie doubts his intentions and fears that he's sticking around because he wants the dragon tattoo.

I cannot get over how much I loved these two. I mean, I loved Kyler and Ella's story, so much so that I was disappointed with FREED. But no worries, my heart was just waiting for the next best couple to finally break through to one another.

Oh, and as for Porter thinking that Chloe couldn't deal with the lifestyle even though Sawyer wants her? Dude man... Ella was vanilla and then some. Chloe just needs to learn a bit, and I think Sawyer is the right man for that job.
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