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Unfinished by Shae Scott

Publisher: Shae Scott (5/4/2014)
Series: Unfinished, book 1
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
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Sometimes life begins with a second chance.
On graduation night, Ally Montgomery walked away from her best friend, Owen. One night changed them forever. One night, one decision to cross the line of friendship, one decision to walk away.
She never forgot him.
Ten years later, Owen finds her.
And this time, they're not letting anything go unfinished.


Indelible by Shae Scott

Publisher: Shae Scott (2/2/2015)
Series: Unfinished, book 2
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: S.B.B. Promotions
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making marks that cannot be removed.
Not able to be forgotten or removed
Permanent, lasting, ingrained, enduring, unforgettable, haunting

Some people stay with you. Sometimes love won’t let go. Some marks on the heart cannot be erased.

When Owen walked away from Ally he thought he was doing what was best for her. That’s what he told himself. It was a decision that he regretted instantly. Now, he has to figure out how too change his ways and win her back. This will be the hardest fight of his life. But she is worth it. She is everything.

Ally isn’t the same girl that Owen left six months ago. She shut down. It was survival. She can’t go back. She can’t let him back in. Losing him was too hard to go through the first time. But he keeps showing up, saying all the right words, doing all the right things. Will she be able to resist him? Can a person really change? Is he worth the risk to find out?


Growing up an only child, Shae Scott fell in love with words at an early age, learning the best friends in the world can be found among the pages of a book.

Born in Oklahoma, she fell in love on vacation in San Francisco and ended up with a happily ever after in Missouri.

Her first book, Unfinished, was released in 2014. She currently lives outside Kansas City with a bearded man, a Pomeranian and a cat formally known as Tinkerbell Waffles. She loves rainy days, the month of February and the Kansas City Royals.

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Rating: ★★★★1/2

In this opening to the Unfinished series, we meet Owen and Ally. And while I was a bit confused in the passing between the prologue and chapter one...

There's a lengthy jump between those two areas.

We start with the prologue in Owen's point of view. He's in high school, one of the last big get together's of the year. He has a playboy reputation, all because he chose not to 'settle down' with the head cheerleader, but he does have one healthy female relationship -- his good friend, Amber. And when Amber goes over to a pretty female he doesn't recognize?

Well, it makes for a great opening, yes?

Such starts a deep friendship between he and Ally -- which leads to the question, can a guy and girl really be friends? 

As we learn in chapter one, in Ally's point of view, after graduation their friendship fell to pieces. Nine years later, Ally gets a Facebook notification from one certain Owen, who wants to be her 'friend'. After debating about it in true female fashion, she accepts.

As they start to chat, it's like the years just never fell away -- they talk easily with one another, about the past and present. They'd always been able to talk; they always been able to sit in the other's presence without a word being spoken. The two of them had always just fit -- it's as if they were two halves of a whole. Reading their story, you can easily understand this.

But the past will repeat itself -- what was just a kiss in high school, turns to a weekend as adults. And while this time, they agreed to remain friends...

...perhaps they should realize that what they consider just a really great friendship is truly the basis for something deeper and more long term...


Rating: ★★★★1/2

We pick up six months after Owen completely walked out of Ally's life -- action he regrets. As with many times such as this, he realizes what a bright spot she was in his life -- she was more than just the really good friend in high school, who he found again as an adult.

Unlike the last time he went after her, this time he has to fight with the realization that Ally has moved on -- or at least has tried to.

I found it refreshing that Shae wrote their remeeting the way she did. It wasn't mushy-gushy, it wasn't a lovefest... it was real. Ally was hurt and it was reflected in her glares and words. When she learned that he'd been near for the past six months instead of being back in Chicago, miles away, she was confused and hurt. On the flipside, seeing Ally again just re-confirmed to Owen that Ally is the woman for him -- she has been since the day he saw her dancing at a bonfire in high school, his eyes drawn to her raven hair.

I liked that this book was about Owen redeeming himself in Ally's eyes. It took time for them to get back to where they were -- and Owen was willing to fight for her and for them. He finally realized what he wanted in life and decided to put her first, even though she pushed and shoved so many times along the way.

This last year, I have really enjoyed these series that follow one couple, books such as the SIN TRILOGY and CONKLIN TRILOGY -- I've absolutely loved watching a relationship completely fold into and becoming itself. I like the many ups and downs -- it makes it all a little bit more believable to me. And while, yes, I read for enjoyment... it's nice to think that these couples could be the ones next to you in the grocery store.

2 3

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