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{ blog tour } IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOU


It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness

Publisher: Amazon Digital (10/26/2014)
Series: You, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
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My Rating: ★1/2

After surviving four years with a commitment-phobic boyfriend, Elizabeth wants nothing more than to settle down. Too bad the man she desires, Marshall Roderick, leaves her flustered, trembling, and unable to utter a single word when he's near. Assuming he's the very definition of a womanizing bachelor, Elizabeth relegates him to fantasyland and makes no move to get to know him. That is, until a chance encounter along the shores of Lake Superior leads to drinks and a steamy romance.

Confident, successful, and freakishly handsome, Marshall is everything Elizabeth has been looking for. But when an unthinkable act of violence shakes them both to the core, she discovers that Marshall isn't as carefree and put-together as he led her to believe.

Now it's up to Marshall and Elizabeth to figure out if their love can heal the scars of the past and turn them into the people they've always wanted to be.

Tina Ness

Tina is a contemporary Romance Author from Minnesota where she was born and raised and still resides with her wonderful husband, two girls and two crazy boxer dogs. Tina ran her own photography business for eight years before finally deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author and she hasn’t regretted that decision for a single second since. Tina’s a romance junkie with a love for food, wine, fitness, nutrition, photography, music, boating on Lake Minnetonka, cross-country skiing and anything that inspires her or makes her laugh. Her first novel It Will Always Be You launched on October 26, 2014 and I’m currently working on book two of three of my You Series. Book #1 can be read as a stand-alone however. To learn more about Tina visit

{ note from mignon } .

My goodness, I can't believe I get to share this gem with you again.

Because I'd already reviewed the book, I thought I'd do a little something different for this tour, and signed up for an interview. Through the months since I first read this title, I've Twitter and Facebook-spoke with Tina, and I fully believe she's such a lovely person. Through this blogging journey, I've been lucky enough to "meet" a number of authors who I feel are like this -- they take the time to talk to you, they answer your questions and respond to your comments, they 'like' things on your personal profiles.

I love it because they're human. These ladies haven't gotten so caught up in the bustle of the publishing world that they have seemingly forgotten the readers who got them there.

So, Tina... thank you for being open with me and I can't wait to get my writing journey (re-)underfoot. You are part of my inspiration to start writing again!

{ interview } .

Hello, Tina! You and I have chit-chatted a bit in the past in regards to this book (and the next!) but I'm excited to share some questions/answers with other readers. 

  1. You were a photographer (and even brought your skills to play with the IWABY cover!) and chose to change your artistic attention to writing -- and I think this is why I like you so much! I want both of those careers ;) How long did you contemplate the change before actually setting forth and doing it?
OK, so I don’t necessarily want to admit this since there isn’t similarities in the books and many have slammed the writing ability of E.L James, but after I read the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy I decided (for several reasons) that I could totally do this. My confidence was lacking, but if some woman could write three books on a subway, why couldn’t I also pursue my dream of being an author. The idea of writing has always been tucked back in my mind somewhere. So I honestly just decided to go after it one day and I haven’t looked back, nor have I doubted myself. That was really huge for me!

  1. I have books upon books upon books written in my head... the problem is writing them down. How long were Marshall and Elizabeth swirling in your head before you sat down and wrote their story? Or are you the type of writer who sits down with no ideas and they just flow out?
I am what some call a “Pantser” not a plotter. I didn’t even know who my characters where when I started writing IWABY. All of it just flowed from me organically. I have tried to plot and it just doesn’t work for me.

  1. Speaking of your writing habits... What is your typical writing day like?
I don’t write every day. I wish I could though. Some days it just doesn’t feel right and forcing it never works for me. I will however sometimes set a timer for five minutes and just write without stopping. A lot of times there is all kinds good ideas in that big mess and sometimes its just one fabulous line I get out of it, but this often gets things flowing again.

  1. ...and lastly, how's Marshall treating you? Is his POV still scheduled for a late 2015 release?
Marshall’s brain is very fun to be in. A man’s thoughts are bit more blunt and have a different emotional vocabulary than us woman which has me really exploring the male brain—which I have always appreciated, but now even more so. It has put a whole new set of eyes on Beth too which has really started to grow her character in some fun ways. Before There Is You is scheduled for release in September and I also have another story (aside from the You Series) called Wrapped due for release in November.

Thank you, Tina! I can't wait to further get the word out on this book! I loved it the first time, loved it the second time, and am still patiently waiting for Marshall's point of view ;)


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