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I'm Mignon -- yes, like the Filet; no, my parents weren't huge steak lovers (well, they are, but I'm not named for the steak).

I am a mid-to-late twenty something who has been reading since four and writing since five. My first look into romance was Cinderella (repeat, anyone?) when I was an itty-bitty. I started reading romance with the introduction to V.C. Andrews at twelve and moved on from there. My favorite book report was in seventh grade -- I did a diary for V.C. Andrews' ORPHANS series and got an A (and I did double check with my teacher beforehand to be sure that the romance genre was ok to choose).

After V.C. Andrews, my favorite author was Nora Roberts. My first book of hers was the Stanislaski girls -- the particular book I bought went to page 220 and then repeated pages 200-220 before picking back up. 

For Christmas of 2000, I received Nicholas Sparks' THE RESCUE -- and while I had re-read many of my other books, this was the first book I'd ever had that I needed multiple copies because I over-read the book. My original copy looks to be about 200 years old. 

...smells 200 years old, too.

The library and I aren't friends because I have to return the books. I also became teary eyed at Secondhand Books because I felt bad for the books that people didn't want anymore (maybe I need help...).

I had a difficult time transferring to eBook format. I did, however, find that eBooks made traveling so much easier -- I would leave for vacation with 3 books and come home with 10. eBooks made that easier to deal with.

I own over 900 paperback books, and probably 200 eBooks (as of November 2014, anyway). I re-read nearly everything... at least once, if not ten times. My brother once came to my apartment and asked me why I didn't get rid of my books, it "wasn't like [I] was going to re-read them" -- so I had him randomly choose a few and I gave him full synopsis of each book with only the title and cover in my view.

...he doesn't ask me to get rid of books anymore.

I decided to get into the reviewing world because I've always wanted to blog -- I just had a difficult time starting a blog and actually continuing it. I've finally found a blog that I can keep up with, that I'm excited to maintain. While I'm not sure entirely how many people actually look at my reviews and take my opinion to heart, just knowing that the authors get to look into my opinion is pretty much awesome.

In this process, I've learned a lot about new authors and have found that many authors enjoy talking to their fans ---

                    ---when my books finally come to fruition, I aim to be like those authors. 

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