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review || SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS { release day }

We are so excited to bring you the Release Week Blitz for SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS by Lauren Blakely, the first full-length novel from her Erotic Romance Series, Sinful Nights! Lauren Blakely is well known for writing sexy, heartfelt and humorous contemporary romance as well as deeply emotional new adult stories --one commonality in all her books is the scorching hot sexy times. And SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS is absolutely no different! Brent and Shannon’s story is sexy and will keep you on the edge of your seat squirming and asking for more! This new series is a new erotic romance series, Sinful Nights, written in the high-heat, high-stakes, high-glamour style of the Seductive Nights series that readers know and love, but heading in a new direction with a new family that’s full of drama, checkered pasts and dangerous life-and-death secrets. Check out Lauren’s message below to hear more from her!

Sweet Sinful Nights - cover

Sweet Sinful Nights by Lauren Blakely

Publisher: Lauren Blakely Books (6/30/2015)
Series: Sinful Nights, book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspence
Source: InkSlinger PR
Purchase links || Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Paperback | iBooks US | iBooks UK | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | GooglePlay

Rating: ★1/2

A sexy, suspenseful new romance novel from Lauren Blakely, author of the New York Times Bestselling Seductive Nights series…. 

She was the one who got away…

Ten years ago, Brent Nichols let the love of his life slip through his fingers. It’s his greatest regret, especially since she’s all but disappeared. But when the gorgeous and captivating woman walks into his life unexpectedly, he’s determined to win her back. Whatever it takes, he won’t make the same mistake twice.

Easier said than done…

Shannon Paige has hardened her heart to the man she was once engaged to be married to. After the way he left, and after the hell she’s been through with her checkered family, there’s no way she’s letting him into her life again. The problem is, the second she sees him, he’s more handsome and charming than before. And she’s torn between wanting to fight with him and wanting to sleep with him - maybe both. Soon they fall into each other’s arms, consumed with a desire that burns through the years. But if these two fiery lovers are going to have a real second chance at this kind of intense, passionate, bone-deep love, he’ll have to give her his whole heart, and she’ll have to give up all the secrets from her messy past.

And that messy past is about to spill over into her carefully constructed present…

SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS is book one in SINFUL NIGHTS, a four-book series. Each book will follow a new couple. 


review || RIGHT NEXT DOOR { release day }

It’s release day for RIGHT NEXT DOOR by A.J. Pryor. I am so excited about this book, and am thrilled to share it with you! A.J. is sharing an exclusive excerpt with us, as well as a fantastic giveaway!! Be sure to check it all out!

RightNextDoor Final[6]   

Right Next Door by AJ Pryor

Publisher: Self-Published (6/30/2015)
Genre: New Adult
Source: InkSlinger PR
Purchase links || Amazon | BNiBook | Kobo || Add to Goodreads


My fiancĂ© is officially a married man. The only problem is that he isn’t married to me. . . 

Addison Peacock has been stuck in the same seaside town her entire life. When her college boyfriend proposes the night before graduation, she can finally see the future she’d always dreamt about. But the sudden illness of her father causes her to put that future on hold, and her soon-to-be husband leaves, with nothing but a promise that one day he’ll return. 

Now, five years later, he’s kept that promise. There’s only one problem . . . he’s already married. Crushed twice by the same man, Addison needs a distraction, someone to get her back on her feet and mend her broken heart. As luck would have it, Damian Walker has just moved in next door. 

Having rebuilt his own life after a drunk driver stole his career, his heart . . . everything, Damian knows what it’s going to take to get Addison’s life back on track. But he’s not going to be anyone’s rebound. His life is complicated . . . there’s no room for one-night stands. Until Addison knows what she’s looking for, neighbors are all they’ll ever be. 

One shared wall, two sun-kissed balconies, and a chance at love...a twist of fate. Could the possibility of a future be right next door?    


review || FALL FOR ME { blog tour }

Fall for Me by JC Emery

Publisher: Left Break Press (4/28/2015)
Series: Ladder Company, book 1
Genre: New Adult Romance
Source: InkSlinger PR

Purchase links || amazon || add to goodreads


Melanie Kincaid is a trust-fund baby with a knack for sassy comebacks and unnecessarily complicating her privileged life. So, of course she would have to fall in love with a man she can't have.

Jameson Hayes is a NYC firefighter for Manhattan’s oldest ladder company with big shoes to fill and a city to protect. He’s strong, sexy, and not looking for the complications Melanie brings. But he can't stay away from her either. The attraction between them is immediate and the pull between them is crazy powerful. But she's only home for the summer and long-distance relationships never work.

Unfortunately, Melanie’s beauty and smart mouth are a lethal combination and Jameson isn't the only Hayes who's interested. As if his brother isn't enough to compete with, now the city's most famous arsonist wants to claim her as his next prize. Jameson can't stand to watch Melanie get hurt and she can't seem to keep herself out of trouble.

Fall for Me is the first Ladder Company novel, a stand-alone companion series about New York's most elite firefighting family with hot alpha heroes, snarky heroines, and an arsonist hell-bent on destruction.

release day blitz || SEARCHING FOR ALWAYS



Today we are celebrating the release of SEARCHING FOR ALWAYS by Jennifer Probst. This is the 4th book in the Searching For series and it is published by Gallery Books. Check out the teaser and giveaway below.



New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Probst sparks a blissful mind-body connection as her “sexy, satisfying” (Kirkus Reviews) new series continues! She’s an expert in helping others de-stress, but Arilyn Meadows is running on fumes. Along with her job counseling singles seeking soul mates at the Kinnections agency in Verily, New York, she’s a yoga teacher, animal shelter volunteer, anger management therapist, and helping hand to her beloved grandfather. No time to find Mr. Right—but after discovering her yogi boyfriend in a compromising asana, Arilyn would rather dog-sit for her honeymooning friend Kate than risk her heart on another downward dog. And when police officer Stone Petty—radiating masculinity and bad-boy attitude—is sent to her for mandatory lessons in cooling off when the job gets too hot, Arilyn vows to ignore his seductive glances and sexy grin. But there’s no halting their sizzling flirtation—a red-hot, high-speed chase that’s breaking all the limits.  

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HARD TO LET GO { release blast }

HTLG RWB banner


We are so excited to bring you the Release Week Blitz for Laura Kaye's HARD TO LET GO! HARD TO LET GO is the 4th novel in Laura's Hard Ink Series, published by Avon Romance. Grab your copy of this sexy, suspenseful book today!!

  Hard to Let Go - cover

Amazon | B&N | iBooks| Kobo

Hard to Let Go on Goodreads

Monday, June 29, 2015

mignon's || monday•musings

Of every day to come to a realization, certainly fits that it's on a Monday, on a day I once upon a time dubbed MIGNON'S MONDAY MUSINGS...

So what do I have to say today, that's not a review or reveal or a promo?

How about the fact that sometimes I end up over my head when it comes to this reviewing venture I started about a year ago?

In the past year, I've been privileged to read a number of books, new and old, for free.

Reader lover's




No joke.

When my parents or friends ask about why I do this, or when my mom finds paid review jobs (for books that do not hold my interest), I simply tell them I do get paid -- I'm reading books for free; I'm reading books that I otherwise would be paying up to $8 for, if not $14+ (see: Maya Banks). 

Do I still purchase books?


But again, I've been lucky enough to read books that I want to read, read books from authors I'd never give a chance to (because I'm snarky like that), read books that I'd never even hear of if it weren't for this adventure I embarked on.

However, as with anything, there was a bit of a learning curve to get around.

The first few months, it was over-booking and missing key dates through my NetGalley account. 

Once I figured out a great way to utilize my Erin Condren planner, everything settled for a while. And then it kind of got messy again.

So I decided that I was going to put a cap on my weekly tours.

Yeah, I'm still working on figuring that one out.

...and then there was last night, at about 8 pm, as I was heading to bed before needing to get up at 3 am to work.

I probably should keep Monday's open and free from tours. Why? In case my weekend gets nutso-crazy and I haven't gotten a chance to organize my posts for the next week... Because next thing you know? It's 8 pm, you have to wake up in 7 hours, and you have 4+ posts to organize... 

NEVERMIND THE FACT that you don't have internet and do everything at home from your phone when you haven't packed up the laptop and went to a hotspot (like I'm at now).

So today was crummy, and I learned from it.

No more Monday tours. I'll keep Monday's for personal posts and pre-drafted reviews.

My apologies to the tour hosts I work with, and the authors I reviewed for today. Your reviews are up! Late, but up. 

And thank you for the opportunities to read -- you make the reader in me happy.

review || COMMANDED { blog tour }

Commanded by Stacey Kennedy

Publisher: Loveswept (7/7/2015)
Series: Club Sin, book 6
Genre: Erotica Romance
Source: Tasty Book Tours/NetGalley
Purchase links || Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo || add to goodreads


Club Sin comes alive once again in this decadent new romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy, perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey.

A dedicated cop, Sawyer Quinn blows off steam by immersing himself in his role as a Master at the hottest club in Las Vegas. But when Sawyer goes after the perp who brutally beat his sister, he teams up with Chloe Nash, a sexy private investigator who awakens a sweet new need: to keep her to himself, away from the dungeon of Club Sin. Chloe is beautiful, smart, and too innocent for the BDSM lifestyle. Sawyer’s never wanted a woman like this before. Is her love worth swearing off the one thing that keeps him sane?

There’s something different about Sawyer: a commanding strength that pulls Chloe into a vortex of heady desire. But when she learns about his double life as a Dom, she’s shocked—and afraid she could never complete him. Then he saves her life, and just like that, Chloe knows she will be able to give him anything he desires. She is his—wherever and however he wants to take her.

about Stacey || Sta
cey Kennedy is the USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin series. Growing up, Stacey’s mind wandered the path less traveled, and that path most often led to love. She has always broken rules and she continues to feed off emotion—always staying true to her heart. Those traits are now the bones of her stories. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who puts any of the heroes in her books to shame, and their two young children. If she’s not on Mom duty or plugging away at a new story, you’ll find Stacey camping in the summer, hibernating in the winter, and obsessing over Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, and Sons of Anarchy.

{ excerpt } .

“Come here,” she said. “I found something.”

“Whatcha got?” Sawyer sat next to her, draping his arm across the back of the couch.

He smelled like nature, Chloe thought—woodsy and fresh. And so very masculine. She cleared her throat. “I take it this is Travis’s email address.” Sawyer’s thick, strong leg pressed against her slender one, carrying warmth into her veins. “It’s not a great lead, but at least it’s something.”

“At this point, anything is good.” Sawyer pulled out his phone and typed the email address into his notepad. “I don’t suppose you know how to break passwords?”

“I’m not that good.” She smiled, shutting the laptop. “But I do have a friend who might be able to help.”

One brow rose. “A friend?”

“His name is Shane. He’s a computer whiz I met in high school.” She rose, holding the laptop to her chest. “He does some freelance work for Porter on difficult cases.”

Sawyer hesitated, brows pinched together. “The force has its own computer team. I should take it there.”

“Yes, I’m sure that makes sense in your cop brain. But what if we have to dig deeper than just breaking a password? Will your people on the force do that, or do they have to get warrants and such? Using my guy saves time.”

His hesitation lasted a little longer this time, the conflict clear on his face. He finally bobbed his head, resolved. “We’ll do this your way for now.” He lifted his hand to her arm in an appreciative touch, but the feel of his strong fingers on her bare skin was like an arrow of desire hitting her straight between her thighs.

He’d never touched her before. That, she now realized, had been a good thing. Under the heat of his fingers, her mind went blank. Her only focus was the burning of his touch. Every inch of her hummed in a blaze of need, clenching her sex. She needed space from all his intensity, but she couldn’t find the strength to force her feet to move.

She dared herself to look up into his shadowy eyes. His curious gaze moved from his hand to her face; then he shifted his fingers toward her chin. Chloe melted as she became aware of his hands on her face—the soft, tempting strokes of his fingers as they caressed her jaw.

He tipped her head up, studying her in a way no man had ever done. He really looked at her—straight into the center of her being. As if, for the first time in her life, she was being seen. Her soul felt naked under his gaze. The slight jump in her heart rate matched the nerves rattling through her.

All the same, her mind recoiled. She hastily reminded herself she’d just broken up with Josh. “Please don’t” was all she could manage.

The corner of Sawyer’s mouth curved. “I’m not stopping you from backing away from me. If you don’t want me close, move.”

He clearly didn’t intend to step away—she could tell from his knowing smile. She couldn’t, either. My God, she wanted him. Right now. Right in his little sister’s condo. But that little voice in her head, though it was growing weaker by the moment, reminded her that strong and smart women didn’t jump into bed with someone the day after breaking up with a long-term boyfriend.

The satisfaction in his eyes deepened when she remained still. “There’s something here,” he murmured in a voice as soft as silk. “I feel it. You feel it. Why ignore it?”

“I broke up with Josh yesterday,” she reminded him.

“So you keep telling me.” Frustration appeared in his eyes. “Since you seem so determined to keep talking about your ex, then tell me, why did you break up?”

Her cheeks burned with embarrassment. There was no way she was going to tell him.

His eyes began to twinkle. “Because of me? Because of this peculiar-but-ever-so-interesting connection between us?”

She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I’ve never . . .”

“Felt something so intense? So unexplainable? So tempting? Neither have I.”

Then he kissed her, and she couldn’t remember the reason she didn’t want him kissing her. She only wanted him kissing her.

He moved his hands to caress her shoulders, holding her in place as his tongue invaded her mouth. He pressed his body against hers, as if daring her not to realize how incredible it felt to have his body right up against hers. He set every inch of her on fire.

Jesus. H. Christ, did she realize it.

And she wanted more.

Many minutes later, when he stopped kissing her, they were both breathless. His eyes were so full of lust it was mind-blowing. He dragged his thumb across her bottom lip. “I’ve waited thirty-three years to find this sort of real connection that defies logic. I won’t ignore that, Chloe. I can’t.” She couldn’t look away from his mouth. God, she wanted more of that. “Don’t ask me to,” he added, “because you won’t like my answer.”

She forced her eyes up to his. “I’ve been single for a day,” she reminded him again. Dammit! “I can’t be with you, no matter how fun that sounds. It wouldn’t feel right. I need time.”

“Fair argument. But I don’t care how long you’ve been single. I only care that you are.” As if he hadn’t rocked her fucking world, he left her standing there as he walked toward the door. “Come on. We need to get moving.”

She blinked, pulling her mind from the gutter and placing it back on the investigation. Her emotions were in a whirl; if there were such a thing as a female case of blue balls, she had ’em.

{ review } .
Aaack, finally, it's Sawyer's turn!!

I've been so excited for his book, and hearing Porter talk about how he didn't think Chloe would be submissive enough for his friend and fellow Dom, Sawyer. Gotta love when a man still goes for what {who} he wants even when his friend's think they know better.

Sawyer, a cop, enjoys being a Dom at Club Sin, and while he still enjoys mentoring and teaching the ins and outs of bondage, he has no desire to find his own sub, one for himself. Being Master doesn't hold appeal to him -- 

But there's one woman he'd like to get to know better, and that's Porter's PI, Chloe. 

Chloe felt a rush when she met Sawyer. Problem? She was in a decade long committed relationship. While Sawyer himself wasn't the exact reason, Chloe and Josh have a discussion about their feelings, and turns out that while they love one another, maybe they were better off as friends.

When Sawyer's sister is brutally attacked, he employs the help of Porter and Chloe to find the perp. Through the investigation, Chloe and Sawyer get closer -- yet Chloe, true to Porter's assessment, is not a club kind of gal.

Each book gets better and better. DESIRED had been my hands-down favorite, and Porter and sassy Kenzie almost made a case for themselves, but Sawyer and Chloe? Well, Stacey goes a little bit off her regular path with this book, and I have to say I loved the difference in how this one ends versus the others.

 -- because in the end, it's the friendship between this group of people who drives the series, not the club.

I have to say, though... I pushed reading this baby back because I knew it was coming to the end... And now we have just one more book? I don't know what I'm going to do without the series that introduced me to BDSM reading... a series that I was so surprised I enjoyed...

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review || ABOUT LAST NIGHT... { release blitz }

About Last Night by Belle Aurora

Publisher: Self-Published (6/29/2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Give Me Books
Purchase links || amazon

Rating: ★★★★1/2

Matt Quinn has been an escort for most of his adult life. He's so good at his job that he's booked months in advance.

An enquiring email from a potential client finds him intrigued about the shy, awkward woman. A back and forth is started and before Quinn knows it, a friendship is formed.

Time passes and Quinn is smitten.

There's only one problem...

The client is his best friends little sister.

She's off limits.

He knows better.

Staying away from one another is easier said than done.

about Belle || Belle Aurora is twenty seven years old and was born in the land down under. 

At an early age she fell in love with reading. Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home. She stumbled across Sandra Brown's Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance. 

Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and humor. Only some years ago had she discovered a new love. 

Humorous romance novels. 

Kristen Ashley and R.L. Mathewson had opened a brand new world where she could lose herself yet feel safe and at home in their stories. Belle has been known to become a screeching banshee while anxiously awaiting their newest titles. 

Belle never thought she would write. It had never interested her until recently. Friend-Zoned began to form and in February 2013 Belle typed the words Chapter One. And she fell in love. 

With words. 

With writing. 

With a creative imagination she never knew she harbored.

Friend-Zoned is the first in the Friend-Zoned series. Keep an eye out for this cheeky author.

{ review } .
I cannot tell you how many escort style romance stories I've read that deal with the female escort. Makes sense, right? Men need a pretty date, someone who they can maybe, maybe not, the home later... Men are slutdogs and all that, so yes, makes sense.

Ah, but this one is different. 

I'm sure they exist outside of this book, but I absolutely, positively loved that this was a not-quite-green female (but could have been) searching for a male escort. And by search, I mean pulling up the page of escorts and getting pretty privvy with each man's.... Goods.

This book was fun. I love a good best-friend's-sister story, and adding the whole escort twist was super fun. I love shy, awkward heroines and strong men. I love sexy talk and fun banter -- and this story has plenty  of it all.

Equally, I love watching men who are so stuck in their ways, get railroaded by little ladies, making them want to change their ways and become one-woman men. A cute read that is worth the few hours you'll be stuck in-between the covers.

{ giveaway } .

review || PROTECTOR FOR HIRE { blog tour }

Protector for Hire by Tawna Fenske

Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck
Series: Front and Center, book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Tasty Book Tours/NetGalley
Purchase links || Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo || add to goodreads


Haunted by his time in Iraq, former soldier Schwartz Patton goes off the grid, retreating deep into Montana’s untamed wilderness. Now, ten years into his self-imposed solitude, his brother tracks him down and asks for a favor. A woman is in danger, and she needs help...and Schwartz is the only one who can protect her.

Designer-loving city girls like Janelle Keebler don't belong in the wilderness. Unless, of course, they're witnesses to a murder by their psycho drug-trafficking ex-husbands. Still, Janelle can't help the immediate physical response she has to her sexy-as-sin protector that leaves her wanting more than she could have ever imagined. Even if he does make terrible coffee...

Every word, every touch, every kiss ignites a need Schwartz thought he’d lost forever. He can't stop the desperate attraction simmering between him and Janelle, even if he wanted to. Even if it means it could get them both killed.

review || CAUGHT { blog tour }

In CAUGHT, a new Entangled Brazen release, racecar driver Jarod Cage must put his future in the hands of celebrity publicist Vivian Blake to save his career. Which is becoming a problem, because the heat between them is about to redline. But when you go this hard and fast, putting on the brakes is the most dangerous thing you can do …
Want to get to know Clare better? Check out her Dear Reader letter!

Caught by Clare James

Publisher: Entangled Brazen (6/29/2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Barclay Publicity
Purchase links || Amazon | Barnes and NobleKoboiTunesGoodreads

Rating: ★1/2

Watching sex tapes at the office is just part of PR professional Vivian Blake's job, especially when she has to clean up a celebrity's image. Except that her newest client isn't quite that easy. Racecar driver Jarod Cage is beyond hot, and his onscreen “performance” is already compromising Viv's cool professionalism.

While Jarod hasn’t exactly been discreet about his personal life, he never thought his reputation could cost him both his sponsor and his racing career. Now he has to put his future in the hands of a tiny, pixie-like publicist. Which is becoming a problem, because the heat between them is about to redline. But when you go this hard and fast, putting on the brakes is the most dangerous thing you can do...

READY series { SALE }


Stock up your e-reader this summer with J.L. Berg's Ready series - all four novels are on sale now for a limited time only! All four books standalone - you can to go back to the beginning with Logan and Clare's story in When You're Ready, or even get to know Mia and Garrett in Ready for You first. But make sure to grab them now for these summer sale prices!

to mate an assassin || COVER REVEAL

To Mate an Assassin by Ceri Grenelle

To be published: July 28, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Love is her enemy…until his beast sets her free.

Cymbeline Kendall’s life is quiet, solitary—until a letter appears in her P.O. box. Then she becomes an Incendiary, a human chosen at birth to be trained to strike like lightning to take out the most dangerous of the Werekind, then fade back into the shadows. She is a weapon only to be used by the leader of North American shifters. But when she learns the Alphar was unseated three years ago, she sets out to find who’s been pulling her trigger. Kerrick Masterson has borne the burden of leadership for only a short time, yet he already feels the Alphar power tempting his soul toward the insanity that destroyed his predecessor. He has no time for the woman who breaks into his compound claiming to be his Incendiary, but his beast insists he make the time—for his mate. In one searing, soul-consuming breath, everything Cymbeline was taught to believe is ripped away. Yet the mystery of who’s been sending her orders remains…and finding the answer could lead to all-out war. 

Warning: Contains an assassin who doesn’t tolerate those who hurt the weak, and a shifter leader determined to unlock his new mate’s repressed emotions—even if that puts his balls at risk. Explicit sex, violence, and references to abuse that could be rough on sensitive readers.

Add to Goodreads

cover revealed after the jump!


Fighting for Forever by JB Salsbury

Publisher: Self-Published (6/23/2015)
Series: Fighting, book 6
Genre: Sport Romance
Source: Give Me Books
Purchase links || amazon us | amazon uk | kobo | ibooks || add to goodreads


review post can be found here.

Slut. Hooker. Whore. 

The taunts never bothered me. They only see what I allow them to see, and a Las Vegas stripper is the perfect cover.

My life had direction. I had a mission—until the man I needed vanished and is presumed dead.

It’s time to move on—give up the dream for revenge—and no one shows me that more than the mop-headed fighter with eyes the color of the ocean.

If anyone can teach me just how sweet life can be, it’s him. But first, I’d have to let go.

Mase. Baywatch. Mayhem.

I’m known by many names, but there’s only one that stirs panic and worry in my gut every time I’m called it.


I’ve bailed him out of trouble for years, so when he turns up in Vegas and asks for me, I’m prepared for the worst. And the worst is exactly what I get in the form of a lilac-eyed beauty named Trix.

She’s everything I hate about Vegas: a stripper, loose with her body and her morals. But there’s something about her, a complexity that she buries deep, and I’m determined to uncover it.

The deeper I go, the less I understand. When I finally learn the truth, we engage in a battle where life and death hang in the balance. Fighting could kill us both, but if we win, forever is the prize.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

cover reveal || PLAY IT AGAIN

Play It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff

Series: PRG Investigations, book 2
Scheduled to be Published: August 4, 2015
Genre: New Adult Romance

Ten days ago, someone threw a brick through my front window. Nine days ago, someone keyed my truck right in my driveway. Eight days ago, someone spray painted the words ‘stay away’ across my garage door. That one really pissed me off. The jerk didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me what the hell I need to stay away from.

Each day it’s something new, a new piece of my property vandalized, and I’ve had enough.

Wanting a security system, something with cameras so I can catch the vandal, I let my best friend hook me up with her cousin, a private investigator with the PRG Investigations team.

His name is Vance and I’ve secretly been in love with him for three years. He’s a badass, a little scary, incredibly hot, and he’s never showed an interest in me … until now.

cover revealed after the jump!

Friday, June 26, 2015

review || ONCE UPON A COWBOY { blog tour }


Once Upon a Cowboy by Maggie McGinnis

Publisher: Loveswept (6/30/2015)
Series: Whisper Creek, book 3
Source: Tasty Book Tours/NetGalley
Purchase links || amazon | bn | itunes | kobo | publisher || add to goodreads


In this sexy Whisper Creek romance for readers of Kristan Higgins, Susan Mallery, and Molly O’Keefe, a red-hot cowboy uses some Montana magic to give a reclusive beauty her happily ever after.

Yoga instructor Jessalyn Alcott radiates peace, calm, and serenity—on the outside. Inside, she still feels like the broken, desperate girl from the trailer park. She’s got dark secrets she can’t share, which is why she never lets her relationships go beyond the third date. But when she travels to the Whisper Creek dude ranch for a friend’s wedding, Jess is enchanted by a cowboy whose deep blue eyes, dimpled smile, and rock-hard body make it tough to remember why she keeps running scared.

Cole Driscoll has struggled to find his place on a family ranch where he’s always played second fiddle. His future might be uncertain, but he’s sure of one thing: He wants Jess by his side. Easier said than done. When it comes to getting close, she’s full of excuses, and he longs to fix the hurt he sees in her eyes. Now that she’s at Whisper Creek, there’s nothing he wants more than to break down the walls around her heart and heal her pain with the power of love.

review || LAST FIRST KISS { blog tour }

Last First Kiss by Lia Riley

Publisher: Avon Romance (6/23/2015)
Series: Brightwater, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Tasty Book Tours/Edelweiss
Purchase links || amazon | bn | ibooks | kobo || add to goodreads

Rating: ★1/2

New to Avon author Lia Riley makes a splash with her first sexy, hilarious book in the sizzling Brightwater series!

A kiss is just the beginning…

Pinterest Perfect. Or so Annie Carson’s life appears on her popular blog. Reality is... messier. Especially when it lands her back in one-cow town, Brightwater, California, and back in the path of the gorgeous six-foot-four reason she left. Sawyer Kane may fill out those wranglers, but she won’t be distracted from her task. Annie just needs the summer to spruce up and sell her family’s farm so she and her young son can start a new life in the big city. Simple, easy, perfect.

Sawyer has always regretted letting the first girl he loved slip away. He won’t make the same mistake twice, but can he convince beautiful, wary Annie to trust her heart again when she’s been given every reason not to? And as a single kiss turns to so much more, can Annie give up her idea of perfect for a forever that’s blissfully real.

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Vow by JC Emery

Series: Bayonet Scars, book 4.5
Genre: MC Romance
Source: InkSlinger PR
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Alexandra Mancuso knows all about regrets. She talked to the wrong person and started a war that’s ravaged her newly adopted motorcycle club family and threatens to cost Alex her life. Now, she’s cautious with the commitments she makes.

Ryan Stone, road captain for the Forsaken Motorcycle Club regrets nothing—except putting Cub in danger one time too many. The Forsaken Motorcycle Club has a plan to end the war with the Mancuso crime family and they need everyone’s head in the game. But Ryan can’t focus on the club when he’s so distracted by a certain reckless brunette. She gives him everything except for what he really wants.

Today, he refuses to take no for an answer and maybe, just maybe, this time Alex won’t be able to stand her ground.

True love always defies the odds.