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Scoring His Heart by Suzan Butler

Publisher: Soaring Phoenix Press (3/17/2015)
Series: Texas Highlanders, book 3
Genre: New Adult, Sport Romance
Source: Barclay Publicity 
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Zoe Logan has always believed that those she loves will always leave her. It’s why she fights so hard against anyone getting close, but when sexy defense Gavin Ferrara zeroes in on her, she finds herself falling hard and exploring the hidden parts of herself that he brings out in her.

Gavin’s always trusted that playing hockey is the most important thing to him. But when a strange encounter from months ago leads to more between him and the local bar owner’s daughter, he’s torn between what he wants and what’s best.

WARNING: This book contains a threesome hot enough to scorch the sheets, a dirty talking Russian, a bisexual Italian, the college virgin who brings both of them to their knees, and the best anatomy and physiology study session ever.

about Suzan || Suzan Butler writes adult contemporary romance and has a penchant for Dr. Pepper, ice hockey, and world domination. She lives in Texas under a not-so-secret identity with two monsters, writing naughty books and planning the next step in her evil plans into the twilight hours of the night because that's when it's quiet in the house. She loves to hear from readers.

Suzan also has a monthly newsletter she shares with her alter ego, New York Times and USA Today bestseller, S.M. Butler, who writes new adult romantic suspense and military romance. In the newsletter, you'll find information about new releases, updates on future books, contests, giveaways, get first peek at new covers, and find out where she'll be visiting through books signings and conventions throughout the year.

{ excerpt } .
She looked up at him, feeling the need to break the awkwardness of this encounter, but she wasn’t sure how. “Gavin, I said some things the other night…”

“We both did.”

She stopped and met his eyes this time, something she’d been trying not to do. He had this power over her when she held his gaze. “I was dealing with some things at home, and I took them out on you.”

“We both overreacted. It happens.”

Was this Gavin being reasonable? She expected the hot-tempered Italian, not the easy-going man before her. “Yeah. I was dealing with my mom and—”

“It seems we both have some stressors in our lives,” Gavin whispered to her. His breath was warm on her face. All she had to do was tilt her head up, and they’d be touching. And man, she wanted it, but was too afraid to take it. “Eventually, though, we have to deal with them.”

“Oh, my God, just kiss and make up already!” Misha called from the living room. “It’s kinda sickening how stubborn you two are.”

Zoe’s face warmed even more. She’d forgotten about Misha.

Gavin grinned. “He’s got a point.” His warm hands came around her face, holding her jaw in his palms. He tilted her face up toward his, his nose barely touching hers. “I’ve wanted to do this for days.” His mouth came down on hers before she could say a word. Warmth and strength surrounded her, some from him, most just caused by him.

He coaxed her mouth open and slid his tongue inside, gently caressing hers, but not yielding control for a moment. She gripped the collar of his shirt like a lifeline as one of his hands gripped her neck, and the other slid from her face to her hip. He pressed them together at the hips and before she knew it, her back hit the wall behind her.

She grunted, but she didn’t let go of him. Her leg wrapped around his, pulling him closer as they kissed. She was losing herself in his arms, and she didn’t think she could dig herself back out. Not that she wanted to ever let go. But when they separated for air, it didn’t help Zoe. She was still breathless.

Clapping behind Gavin surprised her. She dropped her leg with a sharp, audible intake of breath. Misha stood behind him, slow clapping with a big grin on his face. Meanwhile, Gavin’s erection pressed against her pelvis, straining against his jeans. His big body held her while his head dropped to her shoulder, not moving away from her.

“You’re such an asshole, Misha,” Gavin said against her collarbone.

“You guys put a hell of a show on,” Misha said, his Russian drawl thick with interest. “Don’t stop on my account. It’s hot.” Zoe’s eyes drifted from Misha’s broad shoulders, down to his narrow waist. Gavin chuckled against her shoulder, the vibrations of his laugh echoing through her body.

“You find this funny?” Zoe whispered in his ear.

He lifted his head and met her eyes. “A little bit.” His hands wandered over her body, one cupping her breasts, and lightly kneading the soft flesh.

She hissed. “Stop.”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

No. “Yes,” she said, but even she could hear the doubt in that word, and by the sound of his chuckle, so did he.

{ guest post } .
Oh, how I love guest posts from main characters. So, without any more waiting....

My name is Gavin Ferrara, and I play a little game called ice hockey for a living.

Hey there, I’m Gavin Ferrera and I play ice hockey for the Texas Highlanders. No, we don’t wear kilts on the ice. For real. Because, reasons. That’s just the name of the team.

So, Suzan says she wants me to talk about what I love about Zoe for you guys. But man, I’m not really the gushy type. And the guys will never let me live this down when they see this post. I will be mocked from now into the next century. My roommate will lead the charge, too. So, I’ll attempt to do this while keeping my manhood intact, and hopefully, I’ll appease Suzan in the process too.

We can hope.

So five things I love about Zoe Logan.

1) Her hair.
It’s freakishly soft and it’s the color of sunshine, which is really bright, and that’s her natural color. And nothing beats when she’s got it loose and dragging the ends down my chest, and it’s as light as feathers tracing my body. It makes me—well, I suppose I should keep this PG, yeah? Let’s just say it feels good… at certain times.

2) Her honesty.
I’ve never met anyone who is such a bad liar she doesn’t even try anymore. Like if there was an award for the Worst Liar Ever, Zoe wouldn’t even have contenders. She’d beat them all so bad they’d never compete again. You know, if that were a thing. Which I don’t think it is…

3) Her understanding nature.
Okay, that makes me sound a little unmanly. Kind of. But she gets me, you know? She never ever bats an eyelash when I tell her something from my past that I think is going to change us. She constantly surprises me when stuff just rolls right off her.

4) She gives great—Uh… well, that might be a little beyond the whole PG thing. Let’s go with… She’s really smart.  Yeah. She’s gonna be a doctor, you know? Which is probably good for me, because I’ll most likely be broken by the time I’m forty. Unless I’m like Mike Modano. That’d be cool.

5) Her exploratory nature. And yeah, that’s beyond the PG thing too. But I’ll tell you this much. I’m very very thankful that she has such an open mind when it comes to sex. Like, really for real. She hasn’t told me no yet, and my imagination is… well, sex is a broad subject in our world. Let’s leave it at that.

So there’s five things I love about Zoe. Of course, there’s a ton more, but I don’t have all day. I’ve got a game tonight and I’m a slow typer. I’d have had Zoe type this beast up, but it was a little embarrassing and she’d probably make fun of me. Of course, then she’d probably try to make me feel better by doing that tongue thing I couldn’t tell you about in #4…

{ review } .
I love hockey books. So while the synopsis and menage made me cringe, I wanted in with this story. There's honestly not a hockey, baseball, football based romance that will steer me away. 

When Zoe first walks in on her best friend making out with her crush, she's shocked. Two men's men who she likes...

And they could never like her back.

I liked Zoe for the most part. She was a well-written nineteen year old. She was a daddy's girl, her mother abandoned her, and she was super smart and getting prepared to be a doctor. Her 'in' with the hockey players was her father owned the bar they frequented.

When Zoe walked in on them, Misha and Gavin's friendship took a four-month hit. They were used to doing sexual things with eachother in the company of a female, but this was the first time they'd kissed one another without another player (err, girl). Misha very much likes girls, but he likes Gavin too. He doesn't want to ruin the friendship he has with his best friend; besides, he knows that Zoe likes Gavin and wouldn't want to get in the way of that. He doesn't have forever written in him (which, *clearing throat* I sense his story coming soon!), but Gavin could.

Gavin fancies himself in love with Misha, but once Zoe walked in... he realizes he may like her just as much, if not more.

This love fiasco was a bit interesting to read. You had multiple friendships at play and an impending romance. You had a virgin who was initially terrified, but ended up being extremely open to the idea of being shared.

All in all, the story was hot. It was written well in that aspect.

I have to add, though, the part I appreciate most?

Gavin falling for Zoe quickly -- there wasn't a doubt in his mind that he loved Zoe and he let her know, even though he knew it was said far too quickly. I almost appreciated that he and Misha ended up putting a stop to sharing Zoe -- because when you're talking about forever, I think there are just some things that shouldn't be crossed.

Besides, if Misha does end up sharing word space with Sara... Yeah, there's no way Gavin wants in on that action..!

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