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Bare Beginner by S.G. Lovell

Publisher: S.G. Lovell (9/2/2014)
Series: Pole Dance, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
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ALLURE. BEAUTY. CONFIDENCE. The ABC of sexiness is what modern-day wallflower Alexandra Harrington is looking for when she signs up for the Beginners class at New York’s hip pole dance studio Crystal’s.

DRIVE. EFFORT. FAMILY. The three pillars that have always defined Jack Daniels, computer expert and junior partner at up-and-coming software company Corporate Calls.

When a GLAMOROUS dance project brings the pair with a HISTORY back together attraction soars. But Lexa’s INSECURITIES are buried deep and JEALOUSY threatens to destroy the young couple. Will one unfortunate KISS drive them forever apart, or will they fight for their happiness and end up lucky in LOVE?

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I have to be honest...

When I started reading this book, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through.

Reading about Lexa's insecurities and watching her watch a pole dancing class was almost painful to me... I'm not sure why, but I was positive that this was going to be one of those skim-read books.

But enter Jack Daniels, and everything changed for me.

Firstly, because of his name. It made me chuckle, what can I say. Secondly, because of the interaction between him and that cougar, Mary (or Marie...)-Lou, who can't keep her hands to herself even though she's married. I enjoyed Jack and his discomfort.

And when Lexa and Jack meet again (because they knew one another at university), everything changed for me again. I decided that the classes weren't my favorite and thankfully they only comprised maybe 15-20% of the book.

Jack has had it bad for Lexa since he'd first met her. They'd been neighbors at university and when he went to make his move, Lexa had a bit of a bad run-in.

Ok, hold up. I'm just remembering my other gripe with this book.

Lexa, in all her insecurities, constantly is going on and on in her head about the accident and I was a bit intrigued. I wanted to know more about it, especially when it became clear that Jack had been there. And then to find out it was "only" a mishap with a drunken man and a broken bottle well... While, yes, it was a terrible thing that happened to her and did leave her scarred -- physically as well as mentally for that matter -- I was expecting this big huge thing to have happened: carjacking, rape, house explosion... I don't know, something big. At least, bigger than it was.

Anyways, back to Jack and Lexa. I rather enjoyed the slight change of pace this novel gives to the whole romance scene. It was a good 75% of the book before Jack even asked Lexa on their first date. I liked that everyone could see how Jack was feeling for Lexa, even though she couldn't. She has her hang-ups and her fears, and typically, these things are what will drive a relationship apart, but Jack, having lusted for her for years, keeps pushing for her.

At the height of the book, though, is when her discomfort, and therefore insecurities, becomes very true-life. He admits his feelings for her but follows it up with the tried-and-true statement that he can't love her until she loves herself.

Parts of the book went by too quickly, others dragged on. But all-in-all, I enjoyed the story. Like I said, that first few chapters I wasn't so sure of, but next thing I knew, I was 70% through the story and just needed to know more.

I enjoyed their interactions. I wasn't fond of the pole dancing classes, only because I personally didn't feel they added much to the story -- yes, it was an outlet for Lexa to find self-confidence, and yes, it was a venue to meet the girls that will be making up this series. I disliked Tracy and wasn't too sure of her personality turn-around... but maybe we'll learn more about her in the future.

I am pretty excited to read about Angie and Edward's book, though. I didn't get too good of a feeling for Angie, and Edward is a bit elusive when it comes to those Daniels' boys, only because he's not like Nathan and Jack but still... I'm also curious about how long Molly and Michael will circle one another...

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