I rate on a 5 star scale.

Reviews done prior to 10/16/2014 are on a whole number scale; however when writing reviews on books 1 & 2 of the Rough & Tumble series, I discovered my need for halves. When posting my reviews to outside sources who are on a whole number scale, I will round up (ie. a 41/2 star book will be a 5 for the sake of that source).

Please be advised:

Due to the nature of novellas, I tend to rate them a bit more critically -- simply because I tend to be extremely focused on character development. Sometimes an author gets it in a short read, sometimes they don't, and when they don't, I feel that there are more holes and I have a harder time connecting.

These are books that I enjoy immensely.
These are books that, without a doubt, I will read again and again; in fact, 
I may have already read it again since finishing it the first time. 

really, really liked.
These are books that I enjoyed greatly.
The only reason why it did not make the 'immensely' cut are typically reasons
such as: I was overly focused on character flaws or there was more side-story
than I prefer. I can't have too many ★'s, so this will typically be my highest rating.

really liked.
These are books that I enjoyed. 
However, I may have found myself skimming parts.
Otherwise, development and plot is generally spot on.

liked, but needs work.
If I find myself skimming most of the book, but am still super invested in the characters,
this may be where the book falls. The book is written well enough that I like the characters
and their thoughts, but I'm left feeling like I could have had a more. I like more.

Every book I read, I want to like it. 
But sometimes, I just don't get there. These books will get this rating. 
However, there's hope for these books. There may be a point where I'm looking for a read,
and I'll revisit a book. Sometimes I like books better the second time.

Never will I rate a book below a 3-star. Why? Because I try really hard to be subjective of the books I don't click with. If I don't click with the characters, I try to rate the book off of it's other factors -- plot, character, etc. Just because I don't like a book doesn't mean others won't, and because of that, I will never rate below a 3.

...unless it was a horrendous read. If I cannot get past the first chapter and I promised a review/rating/opinion, I will still put the book up with a DID NOT FINISH notation.

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