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review || HATE F*@K pt 2

Hate F*@K pt 2 by Ainsley Booth

Publisher: Self-Published (3/23/2015)
Series: Horus Group, book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense serial
Source: NetGalley
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Rating: ★★★★

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s business as usual. 

I screwed up, but I can fix this. 

This can’t be fixed. 

Part two of a three book serial about a bad-ass alpha male and the curvy woman he can't give up.

Hate F*@k: part one is now available!
Hate F*@k: part three will finish the serial in April 2015

{ review } .

....and I thought I liked PART ONE.

Ha. Jokes, I tell you... Jokes.

Because Ainsley Booth came back with Part Two and it gets a 5-star, yet I liked it so much more than Part One, which was every bit worth it's five stars. 

Ah, so what about Part Two can I share...

Well, first off -- we left off with Hailey seeing Cole being paraded to a cruiser, arrested, just hours after he was in her bed. Let me remind you, girlfriend was furious. In that book, I wasn't entirely sure where her anger was coming from, but it was laid out bare in this one --

--she felt he was using her as an alibi.

Well, the boys of Horus Group stated he should do the same.

The one person who wants to keep her out of it?

Yep, Cole.

You see, Cole has a severe soft spot for Hailey, and it just comes out in spades in this book. The hardassed, big muscled man is growing feelings for Hailey, and it was just lovely to watch unfold. He's always hidden behind a wall of disdain when it came to Hailey, but it's been a way to keep her separated from his life. Now that he's had her, though, he can't stop going back. Even when she threatens it to be over or states that it didn't mean anything, he puts his foot down. 
"Last night wasn't a mistake."
My breath hitches in my throat.
"Tag is going to follow you home."
I nod.
"And we're not fucking done." -- Cole
When he doesn't get a chance to see her for days on end, the first person he goes to see is her. He starts to question his shades-of-gray world, and where he and Hailey fit in it.
I'm not giving up on the mission because of Hailey, but I can't pretend my loyalty isn't divided.
It's divided as fuck. And if push comes to shove, she wins.
I'm not even sure she likes me, unless I'm naked in her bed, and she still wins. She'll always win, because the only thing I've truly believed in in years, is her goddamn earnestness.  
I just absolutely loved him in this book. I loved how he wanted to earn the right to be in Hailey's arms, to have a second and tenth date. He even goes against group request and asks her to go on his mission trip to Miami with him.

In this book, we see even more of how different Hailey is from her family, as well as get to know the other men of Horus Group. Perhaps we'll get to play around in their heads someday, too. Until then, I will be waiting anxiously for the conclusion of HATE F*@K. Well, anxiously awaiting and dreading, because a) I'm excited to see Cole go all protective mode on Hailey, but b) sad their story is concluding. Surely there's more we can see of them, right?!??

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