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review || ONLY FOR HER

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The second installment in the Only series. 
Must read book one first!! 

First loves never die but Grayson Ford comes close. Bleeding out in a war zone, he barters with God. Bring him back alive, and he'll make it right with his girl. 

 All I want is Emma. I need her, and I fight for her memory. A story. A smile. Anything. But it's all blank.

Emma is not his girl anymore. Time has skipped by and life's been hard. She strips to pay the bills, waitresses to fill the hours between classes and her third job. All while working to be the best mama she can be to the little girl who will never know her daddy. Even though Grayson abandoned her, she mourned his death. Until he calls, and everything she knew was wrong. 

It's him. The him that ruined my life. That made my life. That confused my mind to the point that I can't figure out if I've been destroyed or set free. The him that... is... dead. 

He's back with one objective--Emma Kingsley--and she never sees it coming. 

Only for Her, Only #2 The novella series will release in its entirety this spring.


about Cristin || Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller. 

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Rating: ★★★★

“You okay?”she asks again, voice sleep-soaked. 
“Getting there.”
She takes a deep breath as she fully wakes. “I’ll tell you a story.”
My heart squeezes. “Yeah. Could use one of those.”

Waiting for these books to come out is like waiting to open the biggest wrapped box on Christmas.

So much so that when the serial is finished, I don't know what I'm going to do... I sure hope that Gray makes an appearance in Titan/Delta land, that's for darn sure.

When we left Gray and Emma in ONLY FOR HIM, we were years after that last night on the beach. Gray was in a bad military attack and Emma, who hadn't seen nor heard from Gray in years, was stripping to keep her daughter's belly fed and received a phone call saying that Gray's unit was attacked and it wasn't looking too good.

We open with Emma wanting answers.

To get them, she confronts Pops, Grayson's dad, and asks if Gray truly is dead. Pops, if you recall, doesn't really give two left who-ha's about his son and promptly tells Emma to leave.

Meanwhile, Gray is struggling. He's struggling with survivor's guilt, for one, but also because his saving grace for so many years -- Emma's face and her stories -- they're starting to fade. It scares him. Thanks to a friend (go, Parker!) he finds a way to get in contact with the girl who has always had his whole heart.

This addition to the series was just lovely. Everything about this book just did it for me. Timeline-wise, this was a quick one. Where book one spanned a good chunk of time, this one did not. This one was about Emma and Gray finding their ways back to one another, and finding it in each of their hearts to love the other again --

-- but really, neither has fallen out of love with the other.

I love that Emma is still headstrong. She's learned to be tougher over the years and she's learned how to put her foot down. This is not the exact same high school Emma we knew. Tough times taught her to strengthen her shield, and she's done so extremely well. Emma has made choices over the last few years that aide her daughter. She works three jobs, she gave up the college of her dreams, she lives off of three hour power naps... Yes, she's a young mom...

...but she's got that mom vibe down really well.

Granted, when you look at your daughter and see her daddy, who you love and miss, and when she asks for a story to make it better, and you hear her daddy, who you love and miss... It'd be hard not to bundle her close and never let her go. But besides that? Emma's a good mom. She's made her sacrifices and she believes they were the right ones.

Gray isn't naive to believe that Emma has stopped living when he left. He left because as much as he loved her, he felt she could do so much better. In hindsight, he regrets not giving her more choices, especially when he learns she's kept a child from him. He has the right to be angry and upset, as he was for a moment, but it wasn't like he gave her a way to communicate with him. He knows, though, that Emma was once his saving grace, and he'd do anything to get her back to that place.

Nothing’s felt right since the moment I left her. Three years of unsettledness gone in a hug.

...My lips touch the top of her head and press. It’s not a kiss. More of a claim. This woman is mine. I’ll beg and plead, do whatever it takes. I’ve been a dead man walking for years, hurting and hardened, looking for an outlet and suffocating on my mistakes. I’ve been wrong. Been scared. Been a motherfuckin’ fool. The answer to my problems has always been right here, with her.

It should be no surprise that Gray wants to know about Emma's life and about their daughter. It should be no surprise that Gray wants to keep them both in his life -- and he hasn't even met the little girl named for his mother yet.

I, personally, am not naive enough to think that from here on out, every thing's going to be rainbows and butterflies. We do, after all, have two more books to read about this little family.

...and I will be sitting here, anxiously awaiting for them to come.

coming soon !

April 14, 2015

The third installment of the Only series. 
Must be read in order.

Grayson and Emma. First love. True love. And... they have a daughter. Abandonment is his curse. He left his woman, survived his team, and missed the moments most precious to a father. Until now.

I didn't know you were killing yourself with work. I didn't know you're raising our daughter. So help me God, had I known, there is no military force on earth that would've kept me from you.

Love needs to heal all, or they won't survive the collision of their separate lives. Emma must reach deep into her heart that is barely hanging on and find forgiveness. Grayson, wrecked with PTSD-filled nightmares, must prove that he's here to stay and able to rebuild his family against all odds.

I need to say I love you. But what I mean is I love you--in a way that defies definition and exists only in a world that you and I are in.

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