Friday, November 7, 2014

HART ATTACK { sneak peek offer! }

I finished HART ATTACK last week and oh my goodness... It's probably one of my favorite TITAN books. Now, I know I don't have many TITAN reviews up (yet) but it is in my grand plan to back-blog all of them. I am in love with this series. Full on love, over here.

Little back story, which you'll eventually see in it's whole --

I was introduced to Cristin when SAVAGE SECRETS was free on Kindle. Instantly, I fell in love. Many times, the first book I read in a series, regardless if I'm reading the series in order or if I'm handpicking them here and there, will be my favorite. This is pretty much the case when it comes to TITAN. Rocco and Cat's story is my favorite; however, I decided to read the rest of the books in order and instantly fell in love with Colby and Mia. So between SAVAGE SECRETS and WINTERS HEAT, I had 2 top favorites. Don't get me wrong, I have loved every other book in the series, but those two have shared the top spot...

...but now Roman has made his love story squeeze in between Rocco and Colby. I now have a three-way tie for my favorite TITAN book.

So, without going further into it all -- you should pre-order HART ATTACK today. You will be oh-so-glad you did. Go meet Roman and Beth. I don't think you'll regret it.

HART ATTACK  by Cristin Harber releases November 18th and InkSlinger is offering an exclusive sneak peek to everyone who preorders!

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