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I have gotten into the (maybe bad?) habit of titling a blog, reading the book and drafting important notes while highlighting others in the book, then finishing the book... and moving on to the next until I have internet access. As such, some of my finished books don't get their reviews up for a few days/weeks.

...I couldn't do that with A LOVE OF VENGEANCE. I needed to write down everything right away. 

...because I needed  to share my thoughts and feelings on this awesome story.

A Love of Vengeance by Nancy Haviland

Publisher: Montlake Publishing (11/11/2014)
Series: Wanted Men, book 1
Genre: Thriller/Suspence Romance
Source: NetGalley
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Once the most feared member of an Italian Mafia crime family, Gabriel Moretti returns to New York at the request of his mentor, Russian crime boss Vasily Tarasov. Vasily needs someone he can trust in Seattle to protect his estranged daughter, Eva Jacobs, while he avenges the murder of the young woman’s mother. Gabriel is unstoppable in a fight, whether he’s using fists, blades, or bullets; but innocent, onyx-haired Eva may just be the most dangerous—and beautiful—thing he’s come up against.

Intense sparks fly between the two, tempting Gabriel to mix business with pleasure while in the Emerald City. But once word gets around that Gabriel has shown up in New York, Stefano—his vengeful brother and the de facto head of the family—decides that Eva is the key to ending the feud between them…permanently.

In this pulse-pounding romantic thriller set against the backdrop of New York City’s storied underworld, loyalties will be tested, secrets will be told, and mob justice will be served.

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This book... Oh, this book.

When reading the synopsis for A LOVE OF VENGEANCE (because yes, I actually have been reading the synopses lately), I knew that this was a book I wanted to read. When requesting books from publishers, authors, and NetGalley in general, you get to know what publishers accept your requests and which don't. Montlake was one of those that I knew the name, but didn't think I'd received a whole lot of 'approvals' from.

I'm so glad that I was approved for this one, because there are books that I'm denied that I forget about, forever and ever, and never have the chance to read it. Because Nancy is an author I don't know... I probably would have never read A LOVE OF VENGEANCE.

But now that I have?

Regardless of what ARCs I receive or if I continue blogging my reviews (not planning on stopping) or whatever... This is a series that will be read, like KGI, Titan, and Sector 8. This is a series I want. My. Hands. On.

This is one of those stories that I'm afraid that I would end up giving a full-blown synopsis on. I don't know what to say without giving away everything, but just know that it is a GREAT read. It's about the moral code of the Mob, and finding love in the worst places.

Eva is a super strong lead female -- and that's without being raised by her mobster father. She just had a strong single-parent mother and grew to be strong headed and strong willed. She sees Gabriel here, sees him there...

...sees him on the other side of the country. Even she admits that that is a bit strange, but while he doesn't come forth and say he's actually watching out for her in place of her estranged father (who, unbeknownst to Eva, has had eyes on her her entire life), he has a pretty solid reasoning for where he's been. But when Eva learns the (at that time) ultimate faux pas, that she just lost her virginity to her boss, she gets mad and storms out.

...and then when she learns to real truth, well, she gets a real good mad on.

Gabriel has been described by family as being 'soft'. By this time in his life, he's certainly hardened some, but you can still see some of his softness -- worrying about what Eva would think of him while he holds a gun to another's head before letting the bullet go, gritting his teeth when she continuously interrupts him only to tell her he's done letting it slide, worrying immensely about what his fate holds when Eva's father finds out he has bedded the Don's only daughter... Granted, maybe he's just super soft where Eva's concerned.

As someone who has had the urge to write a book that deals a bit around the mob scene (which my original story was rethought and will not be using the reference), I had done a bit of research on the code. I was impressed to read the same code that stuck out to me, written in the pages of this book.
'But if their unfortunate captive had done time for harming a child or raping or beating a defenseless woman, Gabriel and his boys became judge, jury, and executioner. No way would any of them send such sorry excuses for humanity back to the streets. Harsh? Yes. But he was sure the families of those wives, daughters, and young sons appreciated their methods for meting out justice.
'Even criminals had a moral code.
I love that Gabriel is a (...soft) hard ass. I love that his soft spot is Eva. I love that he's a mob-guy through and through, and swears and speaks Russian, and glares.
'"...You can't control everything, my brother."
'"I haven't controlled shit since this one came into my life!" His voice cracked like lightening bolts in the quiet room as he flung his arm toward Eva. She didn't budge.
'"...I wouldn't worry too much, Moretti. She's Vasily Tarasov's kid. This is totally doable for her."
'Fuck, he hoped so. He sank onto the edge of the bed and took a few deep breaths, slowly counting to ten. Very gently, he rested his hand on the flat expanse between Eva's hips and measured her breathing.'
Ah, Gabriel. In one breath, cursing her and the next, being gentle and scared for her. 

...but I also love that in the midst of all that angst, he has a bit of a sense of humor.
'Gabriel felt guilt kick him in the balls, before he silently cursed Vasily to hell and back for giving him this disease he now suffered from. Eva-fucking-itis.'
Does that not make you chuckle? No? Well, read it again. It should.

I know I've said it once, maybe twice, maybe more... but I loved this book. I can't wait watch them grow into eachother even more. 

...and on my way to find the Goodreads link for A LOVE OF VENGEANCE, I saw that the next book is SALVATION OF VENGEANCE and it's Nika and Vincente's story!! So flipping excited. With all the grimaces and mood changes of Nika's, I really wanted in her head. I need to know what her dick of a husband has been doing to her. And then when she and Vincente have a run in in A LOVE OF VENGEANCE... Oh wowza, I was super excited at that point and was hopeful that their book would be next. And honestly? I kind of hope, with time of course, that Stefano gets a story. But before his story (he has a lot of makin' up to do...), there's... Oh, let's be honest, every single one of those boys need a happily ever after and I'm pretty pumped to read them all.

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