Friday, November 7, 2014

review || TWISTED LIES

Twisted Lies by Sedona Venez

Publisher: One Wish Publishing (9/30/2014)
Series: Dirty Secrets, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: NetGalley
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My Rating: ★1/2

How far do the lies go?
After working her way up, Sinthia Michaels has finally hit it big in the glamorous fashion industry. Young and beautiful, she has it all - a celeb lifestyle, a gorgeous Manhattan townhouse, and a highly anticipated couture fashion line. 

The need for revenge
Core McKay, former kingpin of New York City's organized crime, is now a wealthy and legitimate businessman. However, when Core sets his sights on a corrupt politician, his need for revenge leads him to Sin's up-and-coming fashion empire. 

Trapped in the middle
Weaving together his twisted lies and dirty secrets, Core entangles Sin in his web of deceit. When the backstabbing fashion world, the vicious political arena, and the ruthless criminal underworld converge, Sin becomes trapped in the middle and struggles to fight her way out.

- - -

I got to chapter (5?) and had a squint-y eye moment... I've read that before. However, I would remember names like Sin and Core and "Ram Steele" (if that's not a sexual reference........). 

I get really... Well, my opinion of a book tends to drop drastically when I feel that a scene was taken from another book. I was already feeling a solid, no more than, 4 on this book, but then this happened. I would go through and try to figure out if I have indeed read it before, but I own approximately 900 paperbacks and 200 ebooks, so that would be quite the feat...

But it really was just a paragraph so I shouldn't be too hard on it.

Another reviewer stated something along the lines of disliking how authors are doing these mini-novellas, "series", and that they should just write the whole book in one.

...I kind of agree with that in this instance. No, let me take that back... I really agree with it. 

Cliffhangers are one thing in a series (such as with Luc and Lia), but it's quite another when there are huge holes.


I get that I gave this book a three & a half. Given the opportunity, though, I'd read the other books in this "series", simply to learn more about Jaxon (I really want Sin and Core to get together and for him to get all alpha over her and beat Jaxon down) and to figure out what the prologue was (Till death do us part was indeed written... Do they marry? But he states he doesn't do love and relationships, the ass).

Had the series been one full book, based off of just this one peak, the lowest I'd give it would be a 4. As it is, this small piece gets a 3.5.

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