Saturday, November 29, 2014

-- they're coming { i promise!! }

I have so much to back-blog about...

Herein lies the problem --

I don't have the internet. When one works two jobs, about 60 hours a week, and is home on average for approximately 8 hours a day (see: sleep), well, internet and cable are a waste.

So, because my "fun" job is as a Starbucks shift supervisor, if I don't have to sleep to prepare for my grown-up night shift job, I will hop on the internet after my shift. I can usually make this work 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I get reviews up, too, during my breaks at the hospital at night, but pretty much I bank on the few hours I can hop on at Starbucks.

Today was supposed to be that day. Unfortunately.... I can't get the wireless to work -- on my phone, my laptop, or the store laptop.

And because of formatting, I refuse to do reviews from my phone -- that and I tend to have many more typos...

I have drafts up and being worked on for:
•VIP (ROCK AND RELEASE vol 1) (Riley Edgewood)
•ALL FOR YOU (Jessica Scott)
•CAN'T GET ENOUGH (Molly McLain)
•BLAMED (Edie Harris)
•WORTH THE FALL (Caitie Quinn)
•SEALS OF WINTER (anthology)
•AS YOU TURN AWAY (Molli Moran)
•MINE TO HAVE (Cynthia Eden)
•BADLANDS (Jill Sorenson)
•RETRACE (Sigal Erhlich)
•HARD AS YOU CAN (Laura Kaye)
•HARD TO HOLD ON TO (Laura Kaye)
•FULL BLAZE (ML Buchman)

Some of those have been read for weeks... Some just days. BADLANDS is actually a back-blog paperback because I want to get that series up and reviewed so as I read new ones in the series, I can have a back-point for you to reference.

Additionally, the first week or two of December has a number of books waiting to be read and a few blog tours to publish. More than that... Once we get to that "one month prior to publication" point, I have reviews for Sawyer Bennet's GARRETT, Mira Lyn Kelly's TOUCH & GO, and Claudia Connor's WORTH THE RISK that I'm super, beyond-duper pumped to share with you. Oh, and to reread so they're 100% fresh in my mind, because let's be honest, letting those 3 sit in my "to be read" pile was so not happening. The moment the ARCs were released, I was all over them bad-boys...

So that's what you can expect.

I can't promise ALL those reviews up tomorrow (so long as the wireless is working, of course) because they take me a good 30, 45 minutes a review, but I'm hopeful for a decent chunk.

Until next time!

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