Saturday, November 1, 2014

{ SALE ! } FIGHTING series

Haven't started JB Salsbury's FIGHTING series yet? SUNDAY, 11/2 through FRIDAY, 11/7 the first three are in a box set and on sale for 99 cents.

BUY THE SET HERE for your Kindle.

As I've only read FIGHTING THE FALL (review soon!! Scheduled for 11/13), I'm super pumped  for this sale. As I'm planning on grocery shopping soon, I will be awake at midnight, 11/2 -- I will be making this purchase, no doubt.

Or maybe I'll make the purchase now, because I just clicked the link and it's live so... Yeah. I'm making that purchase :) I'm so excited to read Raven and Jonah's story, mainly because I love, love, LOVE them in FIGHTING THE FALL.

And because a little visuals never hurt anyone...

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