Monday, March 28, 2016

review || FAIR PLAY { release week } by Tracy A. Ward

Self-Published | March 28, 2016 | Contemporary Romance


Who knew love could bring a playwright so much drama?

Writing three plays for a nationally acclaimed theater in Phair, Texas, was never supposed to put Ashlyn Carter’s inheritance at risk or make or break her future. And it certainly wasn’t supposed to force her into constant contact with the very guy she’s avoided since her teenage crush-gone-bad days.

Noah Blake. He's Ashlyn’s enemy, for good reason. As her older brother's best friend, he seems hell-bent on interfering with nearly every aspect of her life. So how then does he also seem to be her muse?

When Ashlyn reluctantly agrees to act out scenes with Noah from the play she’s writing in order to trigger her creativity, the spark of passion she’d felt for him as a teenager flares up again. But there’s more at stake than just her future as a playwright or the inheritance she never cared about in the first place. Finding out the theater she loves is in danger of closing puts everything she thought she knew and felt about Phair…and the test. Will there be a standing ovation for Ashlyn Carter, playwright, or will the curtain drop and fade to black? Only by facing their biggest fears together will Ashlyn and Noah learn to trust in themselves and each other.

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After the birth of her children, Tracy had an epiphany: banking just wasn’t her thing. So she quit her corporate job, let her nanny go and became a not-so-desperate housewife by day, Sexy Women’s Fiction author by night. Her characters are every-day women, following their dreams, searching for that elusive happily ever after.

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This was an 'ok-to-good' book for me -- I couldn't stay connected even though I loved the characters. The synopsis certainly drew me in -- I can't resist the best friends little sister line; and then morph that into the guy and girl disliking eachother? Priceless. And for the most part, Ashlyn and Noah intrigued me. I liked their chemistry, although they fought it. I loved Noah's growth and truly loved him in the end. I loved the snarkiness and the humor and the slow simmer that burned beneath these two.

My biggest obstacle was that the story was surrounding thespians (I love the word...). I loved drama in school, I loved plays in school, but for whatever reason, that aspect of the story just lost me. It was the factor that had me putting down the book a few times and picking up another.

...but it was Noah that kept bringing me back.

This book definitely had the pieces to be a fun, one-and-done story. The characters, the plot line... these were all well thought out and well executed as well. Ms. Ward is an author to keep an eye out for.

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