Saturday, March 12, 2016

{ arc } review || THE HITMAN'S SECOND CHANCE by Kimberly Fox

Self-Published | March 12, 2016 | Hitman Romance


Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like pulling the knife out of your heart and asking them to stab you again. 


Everyone deserves a second chance, but that doesn't mean I have to give Logan shit.

I should put a bullet in his heart for what he did to mine.

He didn't just break my heart. He ground it up into dog food and left it out for the vultures.

I was broken when he left.

It took a long time but I picked up the pieces and put my life back together.But I'm in serious trouble and he's the only one who can help me.

And I'm afraid the pieces will all come crashing back down.


I thought I had buried her in my past. 

Just another bullshit teenage romance gone astray.

But when I see her again, all grown up with that same spark in her eyes, I just know I have to have her again. 

I don't deserve her after what I've done.

Everyone knows that. 

But if I save her from the cartel who has taken her than maybe, just maybe, I can get that second chance.

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This was a gripping story of a man who became a hitman, and finding redemption and acceptance from the family that ostracized him. I loved that while Logan knew that the truth Sam believed of her brother (in relation to him) was false, and he did want her to know the truth and to simply believe him, he didn't force her to change her beliefs; when the truth does finally come out, it is in an instance where it simply has to come out.

Sam was a fun character -- she was spunky, feisty, and definitely and the ability to keep Logan on his toes. She is torn between her desire for him, and what she believes happened between him and her late brother. She is a dog handler who has a fiercely protective GSD named Dixie... who is great at commands and is definitely fighting for the true hero spot in this story. But I loved that Dixie recognized good in Logan and forced Sam to see it as well.

Definitely a great read in this 'hitman' genre!

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