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{ arc } review || SOLD TO THE HITMAN by Alexis Abbott

Pathforgers Publishing | March 9, 2016 | Mafia Hitman Romance


She's terrified of me. She should be.

I'm no saint, but apparently even killers have limits. When the Bratva hired me as security for the night, I didn't know it was a flesh trade. I could have kept my cool, done my job, but then I saw her. Pure as a lily, dressed in skimpy lingerie, and being auctioned off to the foulest men in Brighton Beach.

I'm not used to this white knight sh*t, but I did what I had to do. I outbid those pieces of trash and bought myself a bride.

What the hell do I do with a sweet, subservient woman who's been trained to obey her husband? I can think of some things my baser instincts want me to do... But when she submits to me, I'm going to be the man that deserves it, not just the one she owes it to. So I'm going to make her life better. I'm going to make her want me just as bad as I want her.

And at night, when my new princess is slumbering, I'm going to make every one of those pimps pay in blood.
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In this latest Abbott title, we have a hitman and a young woman from a tightly religious family. Andrei never intended to have a wife, but on a night of watching, the young woman came across stage with a number of other young, eighteen year old women, who were being auctioned off as sex slaves -- and the biggest selling piece on this particular young lady was that in order to buy her, the purchaser had to marry her as well.

Cassie comes from a highly (to say the least) religious family, the kind where the women where their hair long and long skirts to cover their legs. The kind where God chooses when it's time for you to marry, and you have absolutely no choice in the matter.

On the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Cassie learns it is her time. She never expects the coming days though.

Of our two characters, Andrei was my most favorite. I loved him from the beginning -- from the get go, he recognized the need to save this poor young woman. He recognized that she would be the biggest victim among the girls. If he could save them all, he would, but hearing the vicious catcalls toward this particular woman had him springing into action. He never would have guessed he'd actually fall in love with the woman her purchased to marry, but he vowed to keep her from that very secret.

Cassie annoyed me to a degree -- but that's simply because Ms. Abbott wrote her so incredibly accurate. She took the beliefs and assumptions of this group of religious people, and she put a magnifying glass to them. I fully believe that the thoughts that Cassie have are ones that people in similar lifestyles feel -- but it did annoy me eventually. Throughout this entire ordeal, from the beginning of the book to the very end, Cassie's faith in God does not waiver. She believes that every good thing that happens to her, as well as every negative thing that has happened, were all a part of God's plan for her... And I suppose, as much as she did annoy me, to some degree I was also impressed with her, for her to continue to be light in such a dark time that was thrust upon her.

Ms. Abbott is an author that I know will impress me every time I pick up a book of hers. Her characters continue to be multi-dimensional, and her story lines continue to be impressive. There are verbiage choices that sometimes pull me from the world I immense myself in, but beyond those items, I always know I will be reading a good to great book when I pick up one of hers.

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