Tuesday, March 15, 2016

{ arc } review || A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR by Stefanie London

Harlequin | March 22, 2016 | Contemporary Romance
Dangerous Bachelors, book 2


Ready, player one… 

Quinn Dellinger is supposed to be having fun at an industry party for gamers. Instead, all she can think about is the promotion she just got passed over for at her security firm. Then she spots him. Tall? Check. Dark? Check. Dangerously sexy? Check. Hell, yes—this is the guy who'll help her forget all her worries and give her one wickedly naughty night. 

The next morning she discovers her one-night stand was the guy who took her job. Oh, hell no. But Aiden Odell is not just a security specialist, he's ex-FBI, and Quinn is expected to work with him—very closely—on a major assignment. He may be tall, dark and dangerously sexy, but this is one game Quinn is determined to win…

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I like my heroes to be alphas, and I like my heroines to be strong.

But when you throw a little nerd in there too, and do it well? It makes for some light (sometimes great) comedy.

And that is what Ms. London has done with this latest, A Dangerously Sexy Affair.

Quinn and Aiden were fun. I loved that Quinn was a gorgeous girl who still felt a little out of place because she'd rather beat a game than go to the mall. At the same time, though, she was well-rounded and a well-deserving character... and it was that well-deserving part that has her a bit upset over the job she just lost out on.

...and to Aiden, no less. Makes for some interesting dynamics, right? Absolutely, it does.

Ms. London's writing style is definitely one I can get lost in. I know when I pick up a book of hers, I will be engrossed from beginning to end with no questions throughout. I simply fall into her books and am sad when I must pull myself out. There's a bit more to this story than a nerdy, pretty girl, and the guy who stole her job. It's that adventure that kept the pages turning.

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