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review || EXQUISITE KARMA { blog tour } by Ann Mayburn

Honey Mountain Publishing | April 21, 2016 | MC Romance
Iron Horse MC, book 4


~Author's Note-Exquisite Karma is part 2 of Beach and Sarah's story. Part 1, Exquisite Redemption, should be read first for the most enjoyment.~

Life as the old lady of Carlos 'Beach' Rodriguez, National President of the Iron Horse MC, was everything I never knew I wanted. Not only did I have a good man who treated me like a queen and loved me like crazy, I also had a vast-extended family of rough and tumble bikers who accepted and welcomed me into their world without judgement. Unfortunately, good things don't last for a girl like me and just when I finally felt like I'd found my happily ever after my psychopath of a mother had to show up and destroy it. She betrayed me, betrayed the club, and put everyone I've ever loved in mortal danger. Our only chance of surviving this is for me to find her and recover the weapons that Iron Horse was moving for the Russian and Israeli mafia that she helped steal. I can only hope that Beach can forgive me for her sins.

I should have known Sarah would never betray me, would never work with her junkie mom to steal from the club, but I let my temper run my mouth and now my woman's gone. Normally I'd go after her, but the Russian and Israeli mafias want their merchandise back and if we don't find it they'll wipe us off the face of the earth. To make matters worse, there are traitors in the Iron Horse MC that are feeding our every move to our enemies, kidnapping our women and children, and killing our men. I have to stay here in Austin and try to save our people while Sarah is out there, somewhere, alone, hunting down some of the most dangerous men in the world. I can only pray that God takes mercy on my wicked soul and protects my baby girl from those seeking to cash in on the massive bounty on her head before I can find her. 'Cause if they find her first death would be a mercy compared to the nightmare her life will become.

{ about ann mayburn } .

With over forty published books, Ann is Queen of the Castle to her husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she's been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.

From a young Ann has had a love affair with books would read everything she could get her hands on. As Ann grew older, and her hormones kicked in, she discovered bodice ripping Fabio-esque romance novels. They were great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she's never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her 'sexy space' and has accepted that her Muse has a severe case of ADD.

Ann loves to talk with her fans, as long as they realize she's weird, and that sarcasm doesn't translate well via text.

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The first four books in this series are essentially two two-part stories, so while you may see the series order as this being book 4, you do need to read book 3 at the minimum -- because it is in Redemption that Sarah and Beach's story "truly" begins (and that is in quotes because let's be honest, their story has been around since book one).

Quick background: Sarah and Swan are sisters, Beach and Smoke are MC brothers. Sarah and Swan also have family dealings in the mafia, so not only do you get this MC romance, you get a touch of mafia in there too, especially in this particular story...

I truly have enjoyed these stories. Sarah and Beach are such a fun couple. They have a number of trials to go through, and during them, we get to see just how deep Beach's love for Sarah is (not without a few DB moments, of course, as men are prone to).

The writing style of Karma isn't flashy. It's not swoony or angsty... it simply feels real. The emotions -- the positive ones and the negative ones -- were all done extremely well. I loved seeing Sarah's evolution, but more than that, I loved watching Beach. On top of that, we get to see "the other side" to some dilemmas that Swan and Storm go through. Overlapping, done well and correctly, is one of my favorite writing tricks an author can do. Lastly, there's the big bang mafia dealings in this book. I enjoyed the heart pumping adrenaline that we witness Beach's mind go through.

The next in the series features Lyric, a nineteen year old who has had quite the secluded life. The little teaser we're given at the end has me so excited to read Innocence -- and c'mon, that title can't be any more perfect for her book (her leading male too... mm, I can't wait to watch him fall for her).

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