Monday, April 4, 2016

FROM THE BEGINNING { release day } by Mignon Mykel

Mignon Mykel | April 4, 2016 | New Adult Sport Romance
A Prescott Family Story

Before the Prescott name became big in the hockey world, there was just Noah Prescott, fighting for a spot on an NHL roster. Never did he imagine a simple note from a shy fan would speed up his world.

Ryleigh Scott had an issue talking to men, but she knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk to Noah -- potentially negative labels, be damned. Never did she imagine a simple note would start what could only be described as the beginning of the rest of her life.

This is Noah and Ryleigh -- before the NHL contract, before the kids, before going back home.

This is Noah and Ryleigh from the beginning.

{ about mignon mykel } .

Mignon is a twenty-something (…getting awfully close to thirty-something) who resides in Wisconsin. An avid reader since her preschool days, she ‘blames’ her mother for teaching her to read during that all-important time during a forming brain. Some of her earlier memories of reading include her mother buying her a book at the mall — and finishing the book before they even returned home.

Writing happened soon after the reading started. Her first writing piece can be found in a box of other important papers from growing up. It’s about an apple who was her friend, but she had to eat.

The first series Mignon started to write was about a close family of one brother and his three younger sisters. She started writing this family and their friends in 2005, but as soon as the Prescott family took over her mind, the Ashbys fell silent. Maybe someday we’ll all hear from the Ashbys, but those Prescotts…. The Prescotts are excited to have their stories told.

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{ excerpt } .

“…until you trust that I am interested in you,” I started. This next part was going to kill me, but I really wanted to prove to her I was a good guy. “We should probably just stay friends.”

Ryleigh nodded a few times. I watched as the wheels turned in her head, a slight sense of satisfaction worming its way around my chest.

Finally, her eyes locked on mine, she shook her head in quick, short movements. “No.”

I schooled my grin and lifted my brows. “Excuse me?”

“No,” she repeated. “Friends isn’t going to work. You can’t just get a woman’s libido all worked up and then say, oops, we’re just gonna have to be friends.”

“Sure I can. I just did.” As happy as I was that she’d come to that point, I really liked getting Ryleigh worked up. I liked the spark in her eyes. She was almost a different person when she was on fire, and I liked it as much as I liked the quiet side of her.

“No, that’s not how this works.” She pointed between the two of us.

“You know what I think?” I asked.

She pressed her lips together briefly with her brows up, looking unimpressed. “That we should be friends,” she said dryly.

I couldn’t help the chuckle this time. “No. I think,” I said, leaving a slight pause before continuing, “that you think too much.” Rather than the absentminded touches I’d managed so far, this time I purposely took my hand from the back of the couch and brushed a free piece of her hair behind her ear, my fingers lingering on her jawline.

When she looked away, I dropped my hand.

When she started to worry her bottom lip between her teeth, I understood it for what it was. “You’re thinking again.”

Faster than I could keep up with, she suddenly was straddling my legs, a knee planted on either side of my hips and her hands on my shoulders.

Faster than I thought my dick was capable of these days, with my control and all in my older age of course, I was full-mast, straining against my jeans.

Then her lips were on mine and I had to squeeze my eyes shut to focus on her lips and not my pulsing dick between us.

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