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release day || DELTA: REVENGE by Cristin Harber

Mill Creek Press | April 26, 2016 | Military Romance
Delta, book 2


A Tortured Hero with a Heart of Gold

Growing up on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Javier Almeida has only his older sister to protect him. When she’s sold to a human-trafficker, he vows to hunt down those responsible.

Years later, Titan Group’s Delta team finds him, tattooed and brawling, a vigilante protector with information they want. They take him in and train him, working him harder than a man should be driven, until he’s a soldier harboring an obsession. Ready for revenge, Javier ghosts his way across the globe, tracking the men who took his sister and working elite private security jobs.

Meets Sweet and Sassy

Jilted at the altar, Sophia Cole turns the reception into a one-woman party. She’s intent on devouring all the cake and champagne, so she can bask in the calories she’s been avoiding. In the midst of the revelry, he walks in, the one man she can never ignore.

Javier is her older brother’s black ops teammate—an automatic Do Not Go There. But if there’s one thing better than fondant and a buzz to ease the wounds of a cheating fiancé, it might be a one-night stand with a South American military man.

It's a Game Changer

Javier didn’t expect to see Sophia again. He never thought he would even want to see her again. He shouldn’t have touched her, but his mind won’t stay away from her.

Now, Sophia Cole is thousands of miles away from the safety of her parents’ lavish estate and working alongside him in hell. She’s a staffer at an Embassy, and he’s there to keep them alive. There are bombs and bullets and blood-hungry enemies.

And then she’s taken. Gone. Just like his sister. But so much worse.

{ about cristin harber } .

Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller.

Meet Cristin!

Cristin Harber will be signing copies of DELTA: REVENGE with Kate Perry and Ava Miles at the 86th & Lexington Barnes and Noble in New York City on April 28th, and she would love to see you there! For more information please see the event page here!

{ excerpt } .

She couldn’t breathe. Her pulse jumped, and the most feminine part of her body came alive. A current of desire and electricity bounced between them, both their breaths quickening. He stepped closer until they touched. Her chest rose, and his fell. Javier’s hand moved to her bicep, drifting, sliding. He caressed up her neck— so careful, so delicate that he gave her pinpricks until he captured the back of her head with the force of his strong fingers threading harshly through her hair. Sophia sucked a breath and resisted him just because… hmm, just because his grip was iron strong and sure.

“You want to move?”

The tenor of his voice sent trembles straight to her nipples. “I don’t.”

Javier leaned toward her neck. His breath was hot, his lips even better. They were close enough to feel the heated tickle of skin on skin.

“No?” Gently, he tugged her hair. “Sophia Cole…”

Oh, God. He pulled again, firmer, tilting her face so their eyes lined up. She felt as though he could see her every thought without her speaking a word.

“Mmm, nice.”

She couldn’t stop arching and making that same mmm sound he did. Her eyelids slipped shut, letting the feeling run through her veins, awakening every nerve.

“Paixão.” The whisper of the word contrasted with his hard body, which backed her to the wall. “So good for me.”

His weight pinned her and, despite the dominant hold, nuzzled her neck. Stubble scratched her as the scent of his shampoo made her weak. Scratchy and coarse, his fingers flexed into her scalp. “It kills me you’re here, and I don’t believe whatyou’re doing is about aid work—”

“It is,” she barely whispered.

“Liar.” His teeth grabbed her earlobe. The bite stung, and the pain skipped straight down her neck, igniting an erotic fire in her blood, making lust fire in her veins. She wanted more, needed to feel the bite again. But he released and licked the tiny spot and gave it a kiss, and all Sophia could do was tilt her head, a silent plea for him to do it again, which went unanswered. “Tell me, are you lying?”

Melting at the protective, truthful accusation, she let sanity leave her. If only he’d give her a biting smack of a kiss again. “Maybe.”

Javier moved faster than she could anticipate. His mouth took hers. A reward. Better than she imagined. His tongue probed, hot and needy. Wanting. His hands crawled over her body, but, God, her mind spun so fast she couldn’t place what was where or how it happened, just that he kissed like a man who could set her insides on fire and make a kiss turn into a touch passionate enough she could’ve been floating.

She cupped his rough cheeks, and Javier moaned. As if something she did was anything as amazing as what he was doing to her. Their tongues tangled, and his hands clawed her, pulling her to his muscular chest, eating her mouth as though her lips were the only things that could keep the world turning. This tough, strong man telling her good girl, calling her paixão, was worshipping her body, and whatever she had done to deserve it, she wanted to do again.

Javier growled again. Or maybe this time the masculine sound was a groan. Whatever the noise, he responded because of her. He gripped her hips, backing them again, this time to her bed. The mundane, utilitarian bed was nothing like the last bed they’d been in, and she couldn’t wait to jump into it.

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originally posted 4/25/2016

Ever since his sister was taken by the PC, Javier has made it his life mission to take the cartel down. While Delta and Titan are made up of military men, it was Javier's fight, his raw desire to hurt those who have done wrong, and his tenacity for revenge that had Brock seeking him out on the streets. While most of the guys are military smart, Javier is street smart, and it's something that has served him well.

Finally, the team has Javier's revenge in it's grasps, but is it possible for something, or someone, to have Javier battling what to do next?

I absolutely enjoyed this story. Sophia is team member Collin's sister. The entire team was invited to her wedding to the good doc. The entire team watched as the wedding fell apart.

It was Javier who helped Sophia piece back together, all while it was Sophia who helped Javier find peace.

Six months later, though, and the very last place Javier expects to see Sophia is in Honduras, while the guys (less Collin, mind you) are on one of their most dangerous missions. What Sophia takes as anger and an innate ability to push their one night away and show that it was meaningless, is actually Javier showing his protective, possessive abilities where the honey-brown woman is concerned.

From there, the chemistry, the tension, the suspense... all of it is done is such true Cristin Harber fashion. If you've read and liked any of her works, you are going to enjoy Javier and Sophia's journey. We get to see the other guys, of course, and if you found any of the other men to have strong protective streaks, be prepared because this street fighter's streak is stronger.

I loved the Sophia wasn't a wilting flower. She wasn't the debutante she thought her parents wanted, but equally, she wasn't Collin. I would say she finds decent middle ground in this story -- especially with the surprises that are thrown her way throughout.

Definitely an enjoyable tale. The epilogue was insanely sweet, too, so always major props there.

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