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review || RECLAIM ME { blog tour } by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers

Berkley/InterMix | October 20, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Chasing Fire, book 3


As the heart-pounding Chasing Fire trilogy concludes, a dangerous entanglement leaves Hudson and Allie wondering how much they're willing to risk for the love they can't live without...

There's almost nothing Alessandra Sinclair wouldn't do for Hudson Chase. He was her first love, and she's determined that he'll be her last. But when the terrible truth Hudson has been hiding comes to light, Allie finds herself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a man from her past who's determined to use what he knows to ruin Hudson. Now, the only way to save the man she loves may be to lose him forever...

Hudson has always known that the secrets he keeps could be his downfall, but he never expected them to put Allie's life in danger as well. It's time for him to come clean--before everything he's ever wanted is destroyed...

Includes previews of REMIND ME and RELEASE ME, the first two books of the Chasing Fire trilogy.

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Though thousands of miles apart, Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers are in constant contact, plotting story lines and chatting about their love of alpha males, lemon drop martinis and British supermodel, David Gandy. You can find them on twitter as @AnnMarie_Walker and @Amy_KRogers.

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Hudson pored over the dossier, trying to find something, anything, that might explain what the hell was going on. Had the past few days been an act, waiting for the perfect out? Or had it been a final good-bye, fucking each other senseless just to purge it out of her system? Had Allie realized that no matter what his zip code, he still wasn’t good enough? He gripped the document in his hand to avoid punching his fist through the tinted glass. He hadn’t even had a fighting fucking chance to talk her out of it.

“Mr. Chase.” Max’s voice cut through the rhetoricals and Hudson’s laser-sharp eyes darted to the rearview mirror. “The plane is on standby and the crew is ready to depart as soon as we arrive. ETA, eight minutes.”

Hudson checked his watch. “Thank you.” He took a deep breath in an attempt to downshift his nervous energy into focused calm, but his need to find Allie overrode all logic. If she thought she was walking without hearing him out. . . . Well, news flash, she was wrong. So fucking wrong.

After going through the airport’s private security entrance, the Mercedes shot down the tarmac and around the fat turn that lead to the hanger housing the Chase Industries plane. The car came to an abrupt stop inside, its tires squeaking against the highly polished concrete floor. Hudson exploded out of the vehicle. He didn’t give a shit if he had to fly halfway around the world to do it; he was going after her. Winning Allie back was a necessity, and if this was the way she wanted to play it, he was all fucking in.

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Finally, we've come to the end of Hudson and Allie's journey -- and it was a bit rocky at times. I say 'finally', simply because the epilogue reader in me thrives for the end. I like to know that everything comes to a close nicely and while their story had those bumps and bruises along the way -- c'mon, this is romance, it's the odd book that doesn't end in a HEA.

This was such a lovely conclusion to their story.

Hudson flaunts his love for sure in this book. Allie is putting distance between the two of them, courtesy of Julian, and Hudson is having none of it.

"We'll never be over," he growled, his ragged breath warm against her skin. "Never."

I love how well Hudson reads Allie. That, and that alone, signifies how much she means to him. I like to go back to earlier reviews, and in my review of REMIND ME, I stated I wasn't really a fan of either Hudson or Allie, and I'm happy to say that through the last book, and most definitely in this one, they've both grown on me. I love that yes, Hudson wants to protect Allie, but Allie fights to protect Hudson, too. As their story progresses, the love these two have for one another simply grows and shines; I haven't a doubt that theirs is the type of relationship that could go all the way.

In addition to growing to love Allie and Hudson, I also grew to love and appreciate Harper and Nick's characters, as well -- separately, but together, too.

I am truly sad to see this series go; while I hope Ann Marie and Amy continue writing together, I do hope for more of these characters.

You’re my fucking world, Allie. The air I breathe. You are the love of my life. You were ten years ago, you were now, and you always will be. Forever.

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