Friday, October 30, 2015

{ arc } review || FALL DIRTY by Zoe York

cover reflects arc-working cover, as the novella
is currently in an anthology set

Inked Press | November 3, 2015
SEALs Undone, as part of the Seven Naughty SEALs anthology


Navy SEAL Hunter Dex is a man on a mission. His beautiful new girlfriend is hiding her deepest desires from him and he wants that to change.

Serena Bradley is a woman with a secret. But when Hunter whisks her away for a weekend in Vegas with his friend Quinn, her hunger to be shared boils dangerously close to the surface.

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This book was definitely Zoe York merging with her other identity, Ainsley Booth, for sure. Where her Zoe titles are cutesy contemporaries (for the most part) or her ever lovely SEALs (where this one does belong), her Ainsley titles have the darker sex feel. A little bit more dirty in the world of love. Well, she's bringing that over.

What I think I loved most about this one was probably the simple fact that Serena and Hunter were already established. Their relationship was newer, yes, but they were already dating at the beginning of this story. Hunter sees Serena as this homebody-like woman -- and she definitely has those qualities.

Now he typed in that same password, chuckling to himself as her browser popped into sight. She'd been reading an article about raising chickens in an urban environment.

Real freaky, beautiful.

But he learns pretty quickly that his sensual, earthy lady does have a bit of freaky side -- it just takes her some time to trust it's ok to come out with it.

Often in these sexual encounters, it is almost taboo for the female to want it. You are more likely to hear that it is the male in the relationship pushing for a D/s type play, so seeing Hunter try to be what Serena wanted, and his feelings of failing (because he's a guy, and guys take those things to heart), made him so much more endearing.

I loved watching these two. Each new SEAL Zoe brings forth brings something more, something better to the table and I swear each time that that one is my favorite. Hunter's a pretty solid leading man; and I've gotta say... the last scene, which typically isn't my cuppa... Zoe did extremely well. I loved the trust that is put out there -- and loved that Quinn was game to play along, completely open to Hunter's rules and respected his friend enough to ask questions.

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