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excerpt + giveaway || ACCIDENTALLY HERS by Jamie Beck

Montlake Romance | Date, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Sterling Canyon, book 1

When ruggedly sexy backcountry guide Grey Lowell moves to Sterling Canyon, Colorado, after buying the ski-expedition company Backtrax, his plans don’t include romance. Still, it’s fun to look—especially across a crowded restaurant at a beauty he dubs “Bambi.” But all his plans change later that night when he’s injured by a drunk driver.

Physical therapist Avery Randall is shocked to learn that Grey’s the man her brother struck with his car, and even more stunned when he arrives at the clinic expecting her help. Despite her reservations and Grey’s silly new nickname for her, Avery agrees to work with him, and passion begins to simmer. Yet with his livelihood at stake, Grey must make tough decisions that could hurt Avery and her family. Before long, Avery’s loyalties are tested, and the choices she and Grey each make may cost them their chance at lasting love.

{ about jamie beck } .

Jamie Beck is a former attorney with a passion for inventing stories about love and redemption. In addition to writing novels, she also pens articles on behalf of a local nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth and strengthening families. Fortunately, when she isn’t tapping away at the keyboard, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.

{ excerpt } .

The prickly imprint of attraction lingered on Avery’s skin after the gorgeous man left the restaurant. No, not gorgeous. Sexy. An incredibly sexy man whose two-day stubble covered his jaw, surrounding sensual, full lips. Whose disheveled, walnut-colored hair called out to be touched. Whose gaze—intense, steely-gray eyes fringed with long lashes and hooded under straight brows—had burrowed inside her body, making her hot and restless.

He’d stared at her with open desire, but then ducked out after he’d won her full attention.

Was he a tourist? Would she ever see him again?


“That’s him, guys,” Kelsey chirped. “That’s Grey!”

Emma choked on her sake. “He’s the guy you’ve been crushing on lately?”

“Yes.” A wistful expression swept across Kelsey’s face. “Greyson Lowell. Yummy.”

Crud. Avery couldn’t even consider him if Kelsey called dibs. Kelsey, whom she loved dearly, but who also fell in and out of “love” with all the drama and duration of a winter snow squall.

“Remind me, because I forget. What’s his story?” Avery had stopped listening to Kelsey’s mooning over this guy weeks ago, unwilling to indulge her friend’s habit of pining after someone who didn’t appear to return her affection.

“He moved to town in December after he bought Backtrax. His friend Trip works for him and they have plans to expand into summer mountaineering so it becomes a year-round business.” Kelsey waved her hand. “I met them at On The Rocks one night after work last month. Grey kissed me in the back corner just before closing.”

“Ew, barroom PDA?” Avery scrunched up her nose. “Hmm, I could’ve sworn we’d all graduated from high school twelve years ago.”

“Kelsey, you ho!” Emma teased.

“Sadly, he didn’t give me the chance to be a ho. He left with Trip when the bar closed. But even drunk, he was a great kisser.” Kelsey’s eyelids fluttered. “Really hawt, and sweet, too. Unfortunately, he’s hard to nail down.” Kelsey frowned. “Trust me, I’ve tried every trick in the book.”

“Good gravy, Kels, promise us you’re not stalking this guy.” Avery dipped her spicy tuna roll into the wasabi soy sauce, tuning out Kelsey’s “really hawt” bragging, which had been stuck on auto-replay in her head. She slid a sideways glance at her friend and paused, her chopsticks midair. “You are stalking him, aren’t you.” Avery plastered her palm to her forehead.

“No! Maybe I’ve texted and called him a few times, but he’s really focused on building his business.”

Kelsey straightened her napkin and cleared her throat. “If I’m patient and friendly without smothering him, maybe he’ll come around once ski season ends.”

“Well, he’s hot,” Emma said. “I say go for it. Nothing to lose. It’s not like this town is bustling with great-looking, available, self-employed men.”

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