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review || THRILL ME { blog tour } by Susan Mallery

HQN Books | July 28, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Fool's Gold, book 18


Meet the Mitchell brothers of Fool's Gold, California—five gorgeous men who've left a trail of broken hearts in their wake… 

Maya Farlow learned the hard way to depend only on herself, so when she fell too deeply for the bad-boy charms of Del Mitchell, she did the only thing she could—she ran. Stunned, Del left Fool's Gold to make his name and fortune in extreme sports.

Now ten years later, Maya's been hired to promote her hometown's new slogan, The Destination for Romance. The celebrity spokesman is none other than Del, the man she dumped but never forgot. Awkward!

Although Del's not the type to hold a grudge, he's determined to avoid falling a second time for the woman who broke his heart. He's a daredevil, not an idiot. Trouble is, in all his adventures, he never found a rush as exhilarating as Maya's kiss. Maybe risking his heart will prove to be the biggest thrill of all…
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{ guest post } .

Susan Mallery is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 150 novels, including the uber-popular Fool's Gold romances. Her latest book, Thrill Me, introduces the five fabulously sexy Mitchell brothers. Del Mitchell, the eldest, has just returned to his California hometown after making a fortune designing a sky surfboard that cemented his status as an extreme sports superstar. Visit Susan online at www.SusanMallery.com.

Susan, what makes Thrill Me the perfect summer beach book?
In the summertime, I just want to be entertained. I want emotional, funny, sexy. I want a book I can take out to the deck or the beach or (God forbid) on the family camping trip. Save the "ugly cry" books for the short days of winter, when you're holed up inside and no one can see you. You can read Thrill Me in public, and the most embarrassing thing that might happen is you'll laugh out loud. I have heard from readers who said other commuters were looking at them funny on the train because they were snort-laughing while reading my books. You might get a little turned on, too, but fortunately, most of my readers are women, so it's not quite as noticeable.
The perfect summer beach book takes you on an interesting ride with characters you genuinely like. No one's going to die in Thrill Me, and when you turn the last page, you're going to feel happy. Love triumphs.
Plus, hey, Thrill Me is available in paperback and ebook, so it's easy to toss into a beach bag.

What is Thrill Me about?
At its heart, Thrill Me is the story of first love reunited. Del and Maya fell in love as early adults. It was the summer after Maya graduated high school, and Del was a couple years older. Their love was deeply emotional, exciting, passionate… and overwhelming. They were planning to elope, but Maya got scared. Her rough childhood taught her to rely only on herself. So she ran away, but she did it in the most hurtful, final way she could think of so he wouldn't try to follow her. She went to college, and he went on to make a fortune in extreme sports.
Now ten years have passed, and they're both back in their hometown, Fool's Gold, California. They're thrown together by the famously manipulative mayor, pressured to work together on a video to advertise the town as the Destination for Romance. All that forced proximity and talk of romance brings all their old feelings back to the surface.

Almost all of the Fool's Gold books have been New York Times bestsellers, many in the Top 5. Why do you think readers love these stories so much?
I think readers in general, and women's fiction readers in particular, are looking for a connection in books. Readers have told me over and over again that what they love best about my writing is that the characters feel like real people. They're not perfect because that would be boring, but they're likable. The heroines are women you'd want to hang out with. And that relationship doesn't end when the book is over because you're going to see your new friend again in future books.

Chasing Perfect, the first Fool's Gold book, came out five years ago. Readers watched Charity and Josh fall in love, get married, and become the parents of two adorable children. Fool's Gold feels like a real place because its world doesn't stop each time a book ends.
If you've never visited Fool's Gold before, you can start with Thrill Me. Each book is written as a standalone, so you won't be lost. Jump in with Thrill Me so you can be part of the conversation with the community of readers that are reading the book as soon as it's released.

Where can we get our hands on a copy of Thrill Me?
Thrill Me will be/was simultaneously released in paperback, ebook, and audio on July 28, and you can get it wherever books are sold. Bookstores, for sure—including online bookstores—plus Target, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, BJ's, many drugstores and grocery stores… pretty much wherever you like to buy books. And if you don't see it, ask. Sadly, most authors don't get the JK Rowling treatment, where crowds gather at midnight for the ceremonial opening of the boxes of books. If you don't see Thrill Me on the shelves, it might be in a box in the back room.
You can always go to SusanMallery.com to get links or to read free excerpts of all of my books.

{ review } .

Welcome back to Fool's Gold! We've met a ton of people in this picturesque town, and now we're getting to know the Mitchell brothers -- Del, Nick, Aidan, and twins, Ronan and Mathias. I have loved all but one book in this series, and I have a feeling that these 5 brothers will be on the 'love' list.

Del fell in love with a certain Maya Farlow years ago, but teenage love has a way of ending and both went their separate ways. While they haven't kept contact, Maya found a friend in Del's mom -- so now and then he'd get updates on Maya.

Mayor Marsha is pairing the two of them together for a series of ads and while the two of them don't necessarily want to work with one another, they're both adults and figure they can get this project done and move on. Their biggest obstacle, though, is trust -- and it's an obstacle that they will fight through again and again. 

I enjoyed both of these characters. I loved Del and his interactions with his family. I loved Maya and her interactions with his mother. Maya finds herself in a tight spot, a spot that may break the fragile relationship that she and Del revisit. There's a lot of growing that both of these characters have to do -- they need to get through hurdles, fall in love with their adult counterpart, and let the past be the past.

Fool's Gold certainly has it's fair share of drama, and the Mitchells are proving to be no different. I can't wait to see which brother falls next, as well as how each deals with the things thrown at them in THRILL ME.

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