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{ arc } review || SECONDHAND HEART by Amity Lassiter

Self-Published | August 16, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Hearts of Three Rivers, book 3


Widower Finn Baylor helps troubled horses, not troubled people. When Lily Jacobs shows up with her damaged horse in tow, something in her eyes tells him this woman is the latter, and his first instinct is to tell her to get gone. Still trying to piece himself together, the last thing he needs in his life is a woman who won't take no for an answer.

Reeling from the accident that nearly claimed her life and her horse's, Lily is desperate to make things normal again. The horse has become unpredictable and dangerous, and Lily is terrified -- but she's not giving up.

Out of options, Lily's last hope for her horse is the brooding Finn. And though he's done his best to close himself off, Lily's determined spirit means she might be the last hope for Finn's heart.

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In any THREE RIVERS book I've reviewed (ok, that's only two), I have mentioned how much I wanted Finn to find a forever love. The man and his story have broken my heart again and again. First, when he's talking to Ren about not getting a second chance at life; and then again and again as he finds calm in his horses but doesn't find a woman to make a home with.

What I found different in this book was Amity's descriptions... or maybe I just never noticed them in the first two books. The first chapter or so of SECONDHAND HEART is primarily in the head of Finn, and while internal dialogue tends to be descriptive, I found myself disappointed that I wasn't quite enjoying Finn's story as much as I wanted to.


After I got past that internal dialogue introducing us to the story (only proving what an internal guy Finn had become since Sunny's passing), once we met Lily and the horse that terrifies her... the story pulled me along -- and my heart broke for Finn yet again.

It's been five years since Sunny's passing, but her presence on the Baylor family has always been huge. Finn has a difficult time with the idea of moving on without her -- it was Sunny he made his forever plans with, Sunny he planned on having children with, Sunny who was supposed to hold his hand in the end.

Unfortunately, her end came entirely too soon and Finn is simply going through the motions, day to day, and using his horse therapy to make it to tomorrow. Finn is extremely talented when it comes to reading horses, and in such, he reads people well too, so when he first meets Lily (while he mistakes her for Nate's newest flame) he is taken aback by the stark fear on her face when her horse, Encore, freaks.

Lily's story is pretty tremendous in it's own right, and the bits and pieces you get of her past (before learning it all) make you feel for the woman -- and help you understand that while she's terrified of her horse, why she wants to repair that relationship.

My biggest heart break moment would have to be in the cemetery, 'seeing' Sunny besides Finn's family, and the absolute heartbreak Finn has as he struggles to accept it's ok for him to move on.

Another beautiful story by Amity Lassiter, and likely my favorite -- but then again, Finn was my favorite from book one.

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