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review || OWN ME { blog tour } by Lexi Scott

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Own Me Cover
Entangled: Embrase | August 17, 2015 | New Adult Romance
Silver Strands, book 3


Genevieve Rodriguez’s life isn't panning out the way she’s always envisioned. At all. Not only is she exactly one “D” away from getting kicked out of school, but her heart is in pieces after her long-time crush marries someone else. For Genevieve, sunny Silver Strand has never felt more dismal.

Then Adam Abramowitz, her super-cute, super-smart physics tutor—who never seems to notice even her sexiest tops—tells her his Visa is about to expire and he’s going to have to return to Israel. Suddenly the words pop out Genevieve's mouth before she can stop them. “Marry me.” At first, it's a joke...until it's not. Because in that brief, unexpected moment, everything changes. The rules. The boundaries. And Adam and Genevieve are about to discover what happens when you push the limits.
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{ about lexi scott } .

Lexi Scott
Lexi Scott is the combined forces of authors and best friends, Liz Reinhardt and Steph Campbell. Together, they write new adult and contemporary romance featuring strong, smart, feisty women and the swoony worthy, good guys who love them. The grew up on opposite coasts- one on the east, one of them on the west, but somehow, both ended up married and raising their families in the Southern U.S. They love traveling, good food, wine and hoarding books.

{ excerpt } .

I tilt my head to one side and really look at him. His sort of messy dark hair, the green eyes that feel warm on my skin when he looks my way, the jaw that’s kind of shockingly male.

He’s kind of shockingly male.

Maybe it’s just because I always tended to date guys who prided themselves on being rough around the edges, blaring their masculinity like a raw badge of honor, that I didn’t immediately realize how much more of a man Adam is.

He’s quiet, but that’s because he listens. To everyone, from his advisors to his lowly tutoring students.

He has a little bit of a dorky mad-scientist vibe going on, but he swept me in his arms like I weighed nothing when I tripped on my heels and then growled at me like a testosterone-crazed wild man.

He works, hard. He makes sure little old couples get their kosher treats, even when he wants to run after crazy me.

He’s a man. The best kind of man. The kind of man I’ve ever been lucky enough to call a friend.

And now we’re going to be married. Even if it’s just in name, I feel proud to think of linking my life with Adam’s.

I hug my folder to my chest as Adam walks me to class, careful to keep a few inches of friendly distance between the two of us. I wonder if that will change.

Maybe after tonight?

The Griffith observatory? My poached spinach and walnut pesto chicken? A starry night spent laughing and getting to know each other?

This fake marriage is getting off to an oddly real start.

{ review } .

What do you do when your crush marries someone else, and then your super good-looking tutor mentions he's going to have to go back home.... to Israel? Well, offer to marry him, of course.

They should have seen the ramifications coming a mile away, but...

I enjoy stories where our males aren't necessarily super-alpha men. I like my nerdy, geeky males, too -- especially because you know.. they say that they make the best husbands ;) Anyway.

When I first stumbled across the "loose" idea of the story -- marriage of convenience -- I actually sat back and thought, how often do these actually happen? Yes, they're more common when it comes to green cards and what not, so putting the convenience of marriage with a friendship type line... I like the duo of Lexi Scott had a good idea.

As with many New Adult titles, I found myself annoyed with lack of communication and felt that many of their problems would have been resolved had they simply talked but it was certainly endearing watching the two of them stumble through an engagement and learn about one another far more than the tutor-student relationship they had.

...and there's not a thing wrong with lists ;)

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