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review || SKY HIGH by C.J. Lake

Snow House Books | May 1, 2015 | New Adult Romance
Attraction, book 3


First she stole my parking spot. Then we became friends. Then I fell completely, mind-torturingly in love with her...

Sky Dirente has barely accepted that her ski career was cut short--in fact, she's gotten pretty good at wallowing--when Jamie Bardo moves into the apartment directly above hers. Not only does her new neighbor park in her parking spot and drop his weights too hard on Sky's ceiling, but he also makes it impossible to stay mad at him. Instead, to Sky's surprise, Jamie is funny, charming, and annoyingly likable. As the two fall into a friendship, Sky begins to forget her cynicism about men--and, as their mutual attraction becomes hard to deny, she starts re-thinking her no-sex rule...

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When I was first approved for this title through XBT, I tried to read it -- and I just couldn't get past the first chapter. The group of boys (because that's the way they acted) simply annoyed me. Add in the Lily-factor (who was rude beyond belief), and the douchey comments, and the silly speech by Jamie that I totally would expect from an eighteen year old and not a twenty-something...

I couldn't do it.

Even when I skipped all the way ahead to the epilogue, as I'm prone to do, it didn't snag me. So I put it aside after making sure I noted when the review was due by. If I had to mark it DNF, I would.

But I gave it another good go -- and while that first chapter still did nothing for me, once I got to the part where Sky and Jamie meet? It was all over from there, Batman.

I don't know that I came up for air until I read the last words on the last page (which, gotta say, I was again a bit disappointed in the time lapse that happened; I'd have liked to see more of Sky's decision).

The friendship that became of Sky and Jamie's 'confrontation' over the prime parking spot was sweet. I enjoyed Jamie's desire to help Sky find a good date, even though as time went on, his feelings grew stronger than friendship. She was who he wanted to talk to, who he wanted to text, who he wanted to see, and seeing her with guy after guy, both around the apartment and at their local haunts, bothered him. I loved watching him come up with excuses as to why the newest date couldn't possibly be 'the one'.

I was slightly frustrated with Sky and her career choice, only because the path she ended up on truly wasn't the path she wanted -- so why she thought it was the answer to her faded dreams, I don't know... But she figured out the error of her ways, so it was all good.

To help with the odd-complexity that was Jamie, he had a word-of-the-day calendar and even made a point in using the words in conversation. I honestly found it comical because it didn't quite fit the picture I had of the almost immature Jamie we met in scene one (mind you, this was the first time I've 'met' this group of friends). I loved that Jamie forced Sky to look at her lost career and find the negatives of the lifestyle, making her remember that it wasn't all gold medals and happiness. And, of course, I loved that Jamie had sick-dying-man syndrome. What a baby. Lovable baby, but a baby nonetheless (like any sick man is).

Altogether, this was a fun read -- the second time I gave it a go. I'd be interested in reading the previous stories, and I must confess, I'm curious who the next friend to fall is. 

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