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review || CRIMINAL by Alex Abbott


Pathforgers Publishing | July 27, 2015 | New Adult Romance


My stepbrother was my protector. My savior. He would have done anything for me.

Then I watched him fall into a life of crime and corruption, and I thought I lost him forever.

Now he's pulling me into his world and he has me exactly where he wants me. I thought two years without a word would free of my feelings but all it takes is one look and I melt, one touch and I'm craving more.

I've been dragged back into his life and pulled back into his arms, and if I want him to save me I'm going to have to save him from himself, no matter what it takes.

I love the man he could be and hate the man he's become. He was my hero, once. Now he could be again.

This is a stand-alone.

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Alex Abbott is a former defense attorney who moonlights as an author of romantic suspense and erotic thrillers.

Alex focuses on giving fans tastes of darkness, pushing them to the limits while exploring criminal underbellies, corrupt billionaires, and the women who get wrapped up in events they don’t want to control.

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From reading reviews of the pre-re-edited... I'm definitely glad I read this version and not the previous. The original review from "Cristina" (at the bottom of her current) has points in it that I know, without a doubt, I'd have had issues with, because as it was, I had slightly similar issues in this newest, current version of the story.

I never thought that I'd "enjoy" a step-brother romance. I just didn't understand the big deal. Ok, yes, I understand the taboo-ness of it, but ya'll aren't truly related -- get over it. I do understand, though, that when you're raised from a young age as brother and sister, it gets to be a little dicey... So... *shrug*.

That said...

This was my first jump in the "step-brother romance" genre -- the synopsis drew me in and I'm happy to say, the story kept me in.

Abby was supposed to go to college, but after their parents died, she learned that Kaiden had needed to use that put aside money as bail money. Now with their parents gone, she's homeless and out of school. She moved in with her step-brother, but he's not exactly the kindest -- a far cry different than when they were younger.

She used to look up to him; he was her hero and savior, the one who kept the bullies in line and did things with her. But one day, that all changed.

Now she's living in his house with paper thin walls, and she has to hear his nightly conquests night after night. Not that it's all that bad -- she's been attracted to him for some time and she gets off on listening, imagining him with her.

Turns out, Kaiden also has been attracted to Abby (who he tries to keep in a firm no-touch category by calling her Abigail), but he knows that between his reputation and what the townspeople would say, he's better off keeping his distance.

When Abby starts looking for work and ends up a shot girl at the place he works at, he knows there's going be trouble -- he's in a bit of it, after all.

I loved watching Kaiden fold and allow himself to have feelings for Abby -- allow those feelings to be there. He got into a mess of trouble and was trying to keep that world separate from his world with Abby.

Equally, I enjoyed Abby's character. I thought for all she'd gone through, she was a well-rounded girl.

There were things I didn't enjoy about her -- things such as occasionally referring to the man between her legs as her stepbrother -- and she had some not too bright moments (who follows the bad guys?) but it all worked out. The referring comment is actually something that bothers me in general with people (always referring to your fiance as just that, or never calling your significant other by name, just as your boyfriend -- use the person's name, for crying out loud) -- I don't care for the overuse of labels, I guess. There was also some wording that annoyed me -- I hate the use of 'cum'. Seriously, 'come'. But the author flips between it, using 'cum' as the verb and 'come' as a noun -- he's cumming and his come is inside me. It annoyed me.

But that aside -- the plot, the characterization... it worked. The author is now one that I won't hide from!

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