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review || MADE FOR US { blog tour } by Samantha Chase

Sourcebooks Casablanca | August 4, 2015 | Contemporary Romance

Shaughnessy Brothers, book 1


Can't make time for love?
The Shaughnessy brothers have spent the years since their mother's untimely death taking care of each other and trying to make their father proud. Oldest son Aidan is hard-working, handsome, successful-and still single. Sure, he'd like to have his own family someday, but who has the time?

She'll show him how to find it
Zoe Dalton, a stunning designer Aidan meets on one of his construction jobs, has the beauty and heart to make Aidan realize how much he could be missing. But it's not easy to break down walls you've spent years building up. Now there's a major storm bearing down on the North Carolina coast, and it could be catalyst enough to force Aidan and Zoe into some major decisions of the heart.

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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller/contemporary romance writer Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan's Return, in November 2011. Although she waited until she was in her 40's to publish for the first time, writing has been a lifelong passion. Her motivation to take that step was her students: teaching creative writing to elementary age students all the way up through high school and encouraging those students to follow their writing dreams gave Samantha the confidence to take that step as well.

When she's not working on a new story, she spends her time reading contemporary romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

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Hey, Everyone! I’m Samantha Chase and it is a pleasure to be here with Mignon talking about my new contemporary romance, Made for Us, - book one in my new family series, The Shaughnessy Brothers. And I have to tell you, this family series is one that I know you are going to fall in love with as much as I have.

There are six siblings and at the point that you’re going to be meeting them, seventeen years has gone by since they lost their mother, and we see how this affects who they currently are. Each book will not only introduce you to an individual Shaughnessy as they navigate through their life and eventually find love, you get to spend a lot of time getting to know the rest of the family, as well.

When we meet our man Aidan, he’s basically a workaholic who – as the back cover tells you – can’t make time for love. Luckily, he met the woman who made him change his mind. So what is it about Zoe Dalton that made that happen?

Let’s hear from Aidan:

10. She’s beautiful. From the first time I saw her, I was attracted to her. I know it’s a little shallow, but it gets better. I promise.

9. She’s intelligent. At our first meeting, she wasn’t intimidated by me and proved to me that she was a woman who knew what she was doing and she wasn’t afraid to challenge me when she thought I was wrong. I don’t normally take too kindle to that sort of thing, but for her, I made an exception.

8. She’s funny. Even after we had spent most of that first day arguing, once we both let our guard down, I found that she has a great sense of humor and the most incredible laugh. She has the ability to make me feel lighter and happier than I can ever remember feeling.

7. She’s stubborn. Don’t tell her I said it, but it really was a bit of a turn on when she would argue with me. Right or wrong, it didn’t matter what the situation was, arguing with her was some of the hottest foreplay I ever had. She stands up for what she believes in and I can’t help but be impressed by it.

6. Her talent. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is that she does, Zoe does it well. Her design and decorating skills – her eye for details – blow me away. In my business, working with designers goes hand in hand and when I look at things through her eyes, it’s incredible.

5. She really listens. Granted, there seem to be a lot of times that she chooses to NOT listen to me, but that’s another story. When we’re talking or really, when anyone talks to her, you can tell that she’s really paying attention – to big details and small and she remembers them. I know when I’m struggling with something, that I can go to her and she’s not automatically thinking about how she can fix the problem so we can move on, she wants to help me with what I’m feeling.

4. She’s brave. I look at how I live – how I still live in the same small town I grew up in, surrounded by family. And then I look at Zoe. She lost her mom and moved across the country to start her life over all by herself. I don’t think I could do something like that. To me? She’s the bravest person I know.

3. She’s caring. At first, I selfishly only wanted that for myself. I resented the way she cared about and interacted with my family. But now I see what a gift it is. If she meets you, she’s going to want to help you and take care of you – it’s just who she is.

2. She’s sexy as hell. Yeah, yeah…I know. Shallow. But the woman has the ability to turn me on simply by walking into the room. Whether she’s in a pencil skirt and stilettos or one of my t-shirt, she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.

1. She saved me. I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t living until I met her. She made me laugh and smile and…LIVE. I felt more alive with her than I did with anyone else. It was as if she was sent here just for me and every day I have with her is a gift.

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Samantha Chase has a way of making these families come to life -- flaws and all. Her newest family, the Shaughnessys, are going to be, no doubt, a hoot to watch fall.

First up? The eldest, Aidan.

Aidan was the star football player in school, with dreams of college ball and pro-ball. His mother was always in his corner, telling him to keep reaching for his dreams. She was his confidant -- he could go to her for anything. When he had girl problems, she would steer him correctly. She told him he could always come to him, that she'd always help him out.

When he was eighteen, though, she died and he found himself unsure what to do with his life.

Now, years later, he's living at home and running a successful building company. His brothers are all over, but his kid sister, at seventeen, is still at home with their dad.

Zoe works for an interior design company that just had an employee leaving one of Aidan's jobs. When her boss gives Zoe the job, she warns her about Aidan and his ways -- he can be an ass, in quicker terms.

I truly enjoyed Zoe and Aidan's relationship. It did, however, feel like more of a friendship throughout but I loved Aidan and his 'signs' when it came to Zoe. I loved that he essentially gives Zoe free reign over some of the design aspects and while he may sometimes seem cold and indifferent toward her ideas, he typically would run with them. Aidan had a big heart who tried to make everyone happy, oftentimes putting his own wants and needs on the backburner.

Like her Montgomery family, I'm sure the Shaughnessys will bring a ton of laughs and heartbreak. I'm curious who stars in LOVE WALKS IN...!

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  2. R. L. Matthewson Neighbor from Hell series is my fav, though not features just siblings, but a huge family. Funny and light, full if hot guys.

    1. I will DEFINITELY look into that series! Thank you so much for the recommendation!