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review || SEDUCING FORTUNE by Brinda Berry

Sweet Biscuit Publishing | March 14, 2015 | New Adult Romance
Serendipity, book 3


Trust is the name of the game and fate holds the wild card... 

Ex-stripper Emerson doesn't have the time to fall for her boss Dylan. Between working three jobs and attending college, Emerson's schedule doesn't have room for a boyfriend. Especially not Dylan, who's the poster boy for misbehaving bachelors--the kind of guy who belongs in Emerson's old life. But when a stalker with connections to her convict father threatens Emerson's loved ones, suddenly Dylan's the only one who calls to her heart. 

As the heat between them rises, will Emerson risk his life by opening up to him? Or will she risk his love to stop a criminal? 
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In the previous SERENDIPITY book, TEMPTING FATE... let me tell you how much I despised Emerson. 

A lot.

She wasn't exactly the nicest of girls. 

However in this story, you can't help but feel for the girl as you learn more about her. Everything you think you know about Emerson...? Well, just be prepared to have a new and improved opinion of her.

I'm not defined by what I've had to do to survive.-- Emerson

If there's one thing that Dylan holds over Emerson's head, it's her history of stripping. As their relationship starts growing, though, it is Emerson who uses that as her clutch -- but Dylan tries and puts a kibosh to that.

These two go through a lot of growing in this book -- both carry heavy baggage. Emerson's life wasn't always what it has been the last few years. She was the girl to look up to, the one with money and looks and friends. She was the cheerleader and dating the quarterback. Because of her father, though, she's had to make serious changes. Now, she's working too many jobs, trying to go to school, and taking care of her 19-year old sister. And trust? Let's not get started on that. The people in her life that she thought she trust, the ones who were supposed to be there for you at every turn, ruined that trust so handing over her heart, willingly? So not going to happen.

At first, Dylan does his best to ignore Emerson -- and when he ends up in jail, it's her he calls.

His deep voice rumbles in my ear with a touch of irritation. Dylan, who acts like I don't exist 99 percent of the time?

"Hi." I wait for his response. When he doesn't say anything, I freak. "I didn't touch that thing on your dresser." I squeeze my eyes shut. "Okay. That's a lie. I threw away that skank's panties because cleaning your house doesn't include--"


"Yea?" My skin tingles. I've waited months for him to call, but something is definitely not right.

"I need you to do something important for me. A favor."

I should record this moment. If I did that journaling type of thing I would. For now, I savor whatever is coming. This is the guy who protested when his roommate Jordy hired me to clean their house.

"What kind of favor?" I ask.

"I'm in jail."

"Excuse me? You wanna repeat that?"

He waits a beat. "You heard me." His tone is one shade shy of embarrassed.

And so it begins.

Dylan and Emerson had very little interaction up until this point. They made out once (the 1% in relation to that other 99% she mentions), but this is mainly because Dylan can't wrap his head around all that is Emerson. In addition to holding her stripping over her head, he tends to be an ass where she's concerned. Boyfriend needed to work on his socialization skills.

Dylan has secrets that he's absolutely positive will throw a wrench in whatever this is that they have going for them, so he chooses to keep things to himself -- only to find out his friends (err... or just one) have been holding back, too. 

So in the end... I liked Collin and Veronica's story. It was cute and fun and different. I really liked Emerson and Dylan's story. Watching these two emotionally closed off people find that one person to open them up? I'll definitely be re-reading again and again.

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