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teaser » FOUR WEEK FIANCE by Helen Cooper


Self-Published | August 20, 2015 | New Adult Romance
Four Week Fiance, book 0.5

What would you do if the hottest man on earth made you an offer you couldn’t refuse?

What if it was the offer of a lifetime? The sort of offer that would make you blush as he offered you whatever you wanted to make you accept. What if the offers were so spicy, so naughty, so scandalous that you wouldn’t even want to tell your best friend?

If you were me, you would say yes.

There are three things you should know.
His name is TJ Walker. He’s 28, hot as can be and he’s my brother’s best friend.
TJ asked me to be his fiance for four weeks.
I’m hoping to make the engagement real.

I know. I can’t believe it either. What am I thinking? There are so many things that could go wrong by accepting to be TJ’s four week fiance? But, I can’t stop thinking that there are also so many things that could go right.

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"Truth or dare, Mila?” Tj's voice was smooth as he looked at me.

"I don't know." I looked over at Sally and she shrugged. She didn't know what to tell me to do and I didn't know what to do.

"Come on, Sis." Cody said, sounding like he was already half-drunk. "Pick truth, I want to find out all your secrets."

"Dare." I blurted out loudly, feeling panicked. What if he asked me about TJ? How embarrassing would that be?

"Okay, pick a name out of the basket." TJ said with a grin. “And then pick the dare out of the dare basket.”

"Okay." I said softly hoping that the dares we’d all written and put in the basket weren’t too crazy. I mean my dare was for people to kiss for 2 minutes, in the hope that I could kiss TJ or Sally could kiss Cody. I put my hand in the first basket and picked out a piece of paper with a name on it.

"I hope you picked me darling." Troy said, his eyes gleaming at me. I ignored his face as I unfolded the paper. My heart stopped and I tried not to grin as I read TJ's name.

"Who did you get?" Sally asked excitedly. I think she could tell from the sudden change in my demeanor that it was TJ's name in my hand.

"I got TJ." I said with a fake scowl, pretending that I was upset.

"Ooh." Cody said with a laugh. "I hope you guys get my dare. You'll have to go and get more beer."

"That's not a dare." I rolled my eyes at him as I put my hand in the dare basket and pulled out a piece of paper. I unfolded it and I could feel my skin burning as I read it. This could not be right, could it? Who would have made a dare like this? I just didn't understand why someone would write this as a dare and then I looked at Barbie and I realized she would die for this chance.

"Read it aloud, Mila." TJ said staring at me with a weird look on his face.

"I'm not doing this." I said, my face red.

"You have to." Cody said as he swigged from his beer.

"No I don't."

"Stop being a baby." He said with a laugh and I glared at him.

"Fine. I'll do it." I shook my head at him and then looked at TJ. "Get ready to take your clothes off TJ, we're going skinny dipping in the lake."

"Oh hell no, you’re not." Cody's demeanor changed right away as he jumped up.

"Yes, we are." I walked over to TJ and grabbed his arm. "Let's go."

"TJ, you cannot skinny dip." Cody looked and sounded pissed.

"I'll take her to the lake, but I'll make sure she's safe." TJ said. "After all a dare is a dare. Plus it's dark, no one will see us."

"I don't want you seeing my sister naked." Cody was starting to sound even more pissed.

"I'll close my eyes," TJ shrugged. "I don't particularly want to do this myself." He said and turned to me. "Let's go and get this done with." He said and grabbed my arm and led me down to the lake. We walked quickly and I could feel my heart racing. Were we really going to do this? Was TJ really only doing it because it was a dare? My answer came swiftly as I watched him pulling his shirt off and turning to me with a grin.

“Get your bra and your panties off baby, it’s time for me to get you wet.” He bent down and splashed some water on my legs, his green eyes shooting promises of deeds unknown as he stared up at me and then stood back up. “What are you waiting on?” He said as he started to unbutton his pants.

“What are you doing?” I asked stupidly as I gazed at his chest, my eyes devouring his abs and his muscular pecs. 

“Like what you see?” He said as he flexed his pecks and moved them back and forth.

“TJ.” I squeaked as he grabbed my hand and put my fingers on his right peck and ran them down his chest on the way to the top of his pants. “TJ.” I squeaked as he held onto my hand firmly. “What are you doing?”

“I want you to make me wet as well.” He said, his lips close to mine. He laughed and then pulled away, leaving me standing there breathlessly just staring at him. “Last one in is a dork.” He shouted and pulled his pants down swiftly and ran into the lake. I stared at his naked ass as he ran and all I could think was, oh my God, I’m about to skinny dip with TJ Walker. My hands flew to my top and I pulled it off without even thinking.

“You coming?” TJ said shouting from the water as I stood there in my bra. “If you don’t get in here in twenty seconds, I’ll come and get you.”

“Come and get me then.” I said giddily, already feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience. I froze still as I saw him, coming towards me, his body, gloriously naked and drenched in water as he approached me. My jaw fell as I stared at his manhood: strong, thick, and majestic. I swallowed hard as he came closer and closer and I could feel my throat becoming drier and drier. I couldn’t move and I felt like a statue as he stopped in front of me, towering over me, his dark hair slick on his head as drops fell from his face onto my shoulders.

“I’m here.” He said and I felt his wet hand on my back, touching my bra strap.

“I’m ready.” I said softly and I felt him unclasping my bra. We both stood there in silence as my bra fell to the ground.

“Those are the words I’ve been waiting for.” He said with a smirk, his fingers lightly running across my collarbone and then down the valley in-between my breasts. I gasped as his fingers ran down to my stomach and played in my belly button before continuing down to my shorts. He didn’t even pause as he undid the button on my shorts and then slid the zipper down. I grabbed his hand then, feeling panicked at what I was about to do and my finger accidentally grazed his hardness. I felt and heard his sharp intake of breath at my touch and his fingers stilled. “You’re never going to forget tonight, Mila.” He said as he whispered into my ear. “Now take off your panties and join me in the lake before I do something everyone on the lake will be talking about in the morning.”

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