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{ arc } review || DANGEROUS CONCOCTIONS by Victoria Bright

Book Trope Entice | July 9, 2015 | New Adult
Curvy Assignments, book 2


Mixing the past and present could have dangerous consequences…

I’ve always been a man of second chances, forgiving Arianna proved that. Sometimes, a second opportunity was all someone needed to do things right. I knew that better than anyone. Now that I had my girl back and business was prospering, things were finally falling into place. Little did I know, my newfound happiness wouldn’t last very long.

When a man responsible for my near demise resurfaces, my life is shaken up once again. What seemed like an innocent, harmless favor quickly turned out to be a malicious scheme that put my business, relationship, and freedom at risk.

With time running out, I race around the city piecing together the complicated puzzle I was a part of, only to come face to face with the men responsible. In this erotic suspense, will my past repeat itself in order to settle a score or am I doomed to take the fall for something I didn’t do?

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First, let me start by saying:

I enjoyed Zane's voice more than I did Arianna's.

Maybe because I didn't care for her deception and living essentially two different lives... But reading the continuation of their story in his voice was definitely a good idea.

When we left off, Zane found out about Arianna's 'lies' by way of work -- he was catering her engagement party (dun duh dunnn). Anywho. After all was said and done, Arianna chose to estrange herself from her family (rather, her father cut her off and now her mother ignores her) and pretty much start over on her own.

But hey, she got her name on the best sellers list, which was what she wanted, right?

I couldn't help but feel that she was a bit of a spoiled brat at the beginning of DANGEROUS CONCOCTIONS (and a little dense at the end....). Kudos to Zane for trying to be level headed and not give in to her (even though his body wanted to do exactly that). He tries to get answers from her, but she doesn't do the best job of it. They, of course, manage to get through this hurdle, but trust becomes a major obstacle for them.

This book brings more of a thrilling, suspenseful aspect to it, and Victoria did a superb job in that extra field -- but it was Arianna and Zane's re-growing relationship that took the cake for me.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review, baby doll! So glad you enjoyed it!