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{ arc } review || ALWAYS ENOUGH by Molly McLain

Loveswept | July 14, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Always Enough, a river bend short story
part of the Red Hot Candy anthology



See what Tony & Nicole are up to!

They went straight from falling in love to raising a kid and working opposite shifts. Time for a lovers' getaway!

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When I first was introduced to the River Bend series, it was with the novella CAN'T HOLD BACKI was less than thrilled.

Don't get me wrong, I really loved Molly's writing, but the characters and Maddie's ways of trying to get her hubby to notice her and do more in the bedroom, I was not a fan of. So when I ended up with a copy of CAN'T GET ENOUGH and learned that that book was part of the previous' series, I was taken aback -- because I absolutely loved Tony and Nicole. Granted, I was in an unintentional daddy-falls-for-nanny theme, but I just loved Tony and Nicole. Because of their story, I truly became a fan of Molly McLain's.

When Molly mentioned she was making a short story to revisit my favorite River Bend couple, I was all over it -- and Molly did not steer me wrong.

Nicole and Tony fell into a really easy relationship. She loved his daughter, loved him, fit in... they worked well. Toward the end of their book, Nicole started a third-shift nursing position, and she's still there. She and Tony have fallen into the easy rhythm of them hardly spending time together, passing one another on their way in and out the door. They are looking to go on a quick weekend getaway -- but it seems like the odds are against them.

Tony... Tony Tony Tony. I love that man. He's a great father and a great significant other. He works hard to keep Nicole happy and would do anything for her. When she starts voicing concerns, though, he starts to fear that maybe he's not enough for her.

This is a super, super quick read but definitely one for the Tony and Nicole (and little Bri!) fan. I have to say, I STILL WANT MORE OF THEM! But this little piece certainly will keep the fan happy.

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