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ZoYo Press | July 7, 2015 | Military Romance
SEALS Undone, book 6


When Navy SEAL Cade Duncan partners up with Mel Vincent for an endurance race, he doesn’t expect to tumble into a romantic fling in paradise—or to be so pissed with the beautiful woman when he finds out she’s been keeping secrets.

This book will be published in the Romancing the Alpha boxed set on July 7, 2015, and released as a single title at a future date

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ZoYo Press | July 7, 2015 | Military Romance
SEALS Undone, book 7


Until two weeks ago, Vince Nash was a Navy SEAL. Now he’s just a guy with a failing family business and a very specific skill set, and if he can get through a job interview at Camo Cay, he’ll be all set. But when he’s greeted on the island by beautiful Larken White—sharpshooter, cynic, and Vince’s first love—he realizes his plan was missing one very important, very pissed-off woman. Problem is, Larken wants nothing to do with him.

This book will first be published in the SEALs of Summer 2 boxed set, releasing July 7, 2015; then will be released as a single title later in the year

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Fall Back
I have been absolutely in love with Zoe's SEALs UNDONE series. I thought that my favorite was Trick and Gaby... but then we met Miles and Piper, and done deal right there.

Or so I thought.

Because enter Mel and Cade.

Mel is a bit neurotic, to be honest. She likes to be well-informed and will suck up all the information she needs to in order to be that person. When Jared and Cassie get pregnant...? It's Mel who's reading What To Expect When Your Expecting in case, well... you know. Just in case.

Jared was supposed to accompany Mel to Hawai'i for an endurance race, but now that Cassie's on bed rest, he's planning on sticking at home. Cade, who's been trying to get Mel to say two words to him since meeting her at the hospital, volunteers -- and then more forcefully volunteers after Mel states she found some stranger to join her.

I loved that Mel wasn't super accepting of Cade's charm, but I really, really loved how hard Cade tried. He did not give up easily, and it wasn't because he wasn't one to lose. It wasn't the thrill of the chase. It was simply Mel. I loved watching Cade fall for her; I loved his begging for her number and asking, pleading, with Jared to invite him and Mel over for dinner so he could get to know her. And when she accepted his presence in Hawai'i, I loved that he let her know that he wanted her, but she was the one completely in control of what would become of their... friendship.

A little extra trivia for you: Cade's team is the one Trick ended up on. Not that there's a Trick sighting, but I did a little happy dance at his name. Just sayin'.

...Miles and Piper are still my favorite story, but Mel and Cade's was pretty damn cute, too.

Fall Dark
When we last saw Nash, he was in a firefight with Miles and company, and Miles was praying that if anyone got out alive and unharmed, it was Nash. It was his last mission, after all.

Nash heads out to Camo Cay to look at an employment opportunity, and who greets him? Well, none other than his ex, Larken. Granted, he doesn't recognize her at first and uses an egotistical one-liner, but still...

If there were ever one woman to be the "one who got away", it would be Larken -- something that becomes evident to the reader when Nash breaks down their time apart to "eleven years, eleven months, and two weeks".

“Larken, I got off the boat yesterday and fell back in time a dozen years. I don’t know why we didn’t find each other again sooner. I wish to hell we had. I’m sorry—so fucking sorry—that I never reached out to you. But I’m standing here in front of you saying…Hey. It’s you. Holy shit. How’ve you been?”He shook his head. “And you’re throwing shade at me all over the place. So, no. We’re not going to learn to play nice together. We’re going to actually get to know each other again, or I’m going head off into the sunset and look for another job elsewhere.” -- Nash

The romance between Larken and Nash happens extremely quickly, but they have history. Teenaged history, but history nonetheless. Nash is to be on island for three days, the weekend, but Larken and Nash end up on their own island for twenty-four hours to 'hash' out their differences. If it all works out, he'll find himself in a new job.

I loved the introduction to these Camo Cay guys. They play poker for things like... a cabin, a stealthy pen, courtside tickets... Anything is game in poker. They are laid back and go-with-the-flow islanders who have kick-ass military skills. They're open and accepting of others. They accepted Larken easily, and her biggest fear in Nash showing up is his ruining her safe haven.

And if there's one thing Larken needs most these days, it's acceptance. The years apart from Nash hadn't been the kindest, but she's moved on from them. I loved watching Nash teach her to let go again. I loved 'listening' to Nash speak to her in Spanish: as much as he accepted her and wanted her to know just that, he tried to keep his deepest emotions to himself by utilizing a romantic language that she wouldn't understand. I love how she fought the connection between them at every dip and turn -- because she didn't have the best history when it came to relationships.

"Did you just take offense to something imaginary happening in your head?" he yelled at her as she stalked off.

"Nope," she shot over her shoulder {...} "We had sex, Vince. Don't worry, I didn't over-romanticize it."

I did, he wanted to point out, but this definitely wasn't the time.

I love when the man falls first, and watching the females struggle over everything -- it's so different than a typical romance story...

I can't wait for Zoe's (full-length books) Camo Cay series. I like to think of this as the prequel ;)  That means we'll get more Nash and Larken, yes?

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