Thursday, May 21, 2015

{ sneak peek } UNABASHED

Sasha White's OVERWATCH series will be continuing in the 
Every Which Way anthology this summer.

Did you love Ian and Ronnie as much as I did in UNFETTERED?
I am so pumped to read more about this couple! And after the sneak peak... you may just be 
gearing up for the release, yourself!

{ three questions with sasha } .

1)What scene did you enjoy the most when writing your story?
The whole story. Seriously, It’s rare I say that, but I fell in love with Ronnie and Ian when I wrote Unfettered, and it was such a joy to get back to them and dig deeper and take them to the next level of their relationship that it flowed so easily and I loved it all.

2)Is your story part of a series or connected to any of your other books?
It is. It’s a continuation of Ronnie and Ian’s relationship, from the Overwatch Series. The events on UNABASHED happen at the same time as the events in PRIMAL, only the main couple is different. Because it takes place on a stacked timeline, readers of PRIMAL will likely recognize one or two of the events, only they’ll be from a different characters POV this time.

3)If your story came with a warning label, what would it say?
WARNING: Story contains raw, raunchy, real love and power exchange. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, and the bedroom, and the shower, and the dungeon.

{ sneak peek } ...

Hot lips wrapped around his cock and pulled him from sleep. It was heaven, and it was hell. 

Ronnie Mack. The girl who’d tempted him so much as a young man that he’d left town without saying goodbye to anyone. Finally, she was in his life again, and in his bed. Heaven.

He lay there, eyes still closed, enjoying the delicious torment of velvet tongue stroking up and down his cock and fighting the need to take control at the same time. It was a rare thing for him to have a sub in his home, in his bed, but it was even more rare for him to fight the urge to control. He was a Dominant, he liked to be the one in control, the one tormenting someone until they were drowning in pleasure. Any woman entering his bed knew that, but normally they’d have negotiated their boundaries. 

He’d been in such a hurry they’d skipped that step the night before. Hell. 

Damn, she was good with that little tongue of hers. He wasn’t going to last very long, which was a shock considering the woman between his legs had pretty much wrung him dry the night before. Talented fingers cupped his balls as she took him deep and he bumped the back of her throat for a too brief second before she pulled back. A growl rumbled in his chest.  

Fuck holding back, she’d said she wanted a man who was dominant, now she’s got one. Time for her training to truly begin.

He reached down, wrapped his fist in Ronnie’s silky hair and shoved his dick down her throat until she gagged. Her fingers tightened on his sack briefly then she pushed herself closer, gagging harder.

“No,” he growled roughly. He pulled her back by her hair and looked down to meet her gaze. “I’m in control. You do nothing but open wide, relax, and swallow when it’s time.” 

Her dark eyes widened, her cheeks flushed and her sharp little nails dug into his thighs as she looked up at him. Slowly, like a little tease,  her jaw dropped and she opened for him.

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