Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Love on the Record by Zoe York
A Melissa Foster's Remingtons Kindle World Novella

Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
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For NYPD detective Griffin Sark, it’s lust at first sight when fashion reporter Tessa Ramirez crashes into his life. But she’s also featuring him in a puff piece that he hates from the moment he first hears about it, and criticizing a woman’s job is never a great way to land a date. Opposites attract, wills clash and hearts (eventually) melt in this standalone romance by the NYT and USA Today bestselling author of the SEALs Undone series.

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This was such a fun read! The whole Kindle World thing is fabulous in my opinion, and I love when other authors' characters can make appearances in other "worlds". Zoe York brings Griff and Tessa to the world of the Remington's. Tessa is a journalist who unfortunately has to write articles that get the clicks -- and not always the stories she WANTS to write. Her editor has her writing a piece on the city's finest -- and some of the bachelors are giving her troubles...

Namely Griffin.

These two were cute. I loved that Griff was opinionated about the article (rightly so) but still went through with it. The unlikely relationship just sort of... Happens. Tessa and Griffin got along fabulously and he trusted her and her words pretty quickly (...almost two quickly, in my opinion, but it worked).

Altogether, I enjoyed reading about these two! This was a well thought out novella with an adequate timeline. I wish we could have more after 'the end', though!

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