Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MAY 12 || release day { reviews }

Today is day 2 of releases of ARCs I've had the pleasure of reading! Day 1 this week had one book, and day 2 has two -- fitting, yes? Totally unplanned, of course.

So... Happy release day to:

The Griffin's Secret by Cate Masters jump to review }
Lawless in Leather by Katie Reus { jump to review }

The Griffin's Secret by Cate Masters

Publisher: Lyrical Press (5/12/2015)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: NetGalley
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In this contemporary re-telling of Grimm’s classic fairy tale The Griffin, two people must risk everything to free themselves from the invisible prisons that keep them from love…

Jackson Grant had it all—the girl he loved, his Harley, and his guitar. Until a tragic accident stole it all away. Now, more than scars and a tattoo remain. Jackson has a secret. Cursed by his dead girlfriend’s mother, he can never fall in love again or his beloved will die. With his heart on lockdown, he keeps to himself—until a roadie gig with Malcontent, the world’s most popular band, entwines his fate with sweet, wounded Layla’s…

Music is what Layla lives for. She has no choice. She’s bound by magic to serve Malcontent, cursed to propel them to stardom with her musical powers. Then Jackson appears and gives her hope that he’s the hero who will save her. A reluctant hero, yet one she can’t resist. But freedom will come at price—and who will pay…?

I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this little paranormal-esque story. We have two key players, but of course -- Jackson and Layla. 

Jackson is looking to eventually play music on his own but realizes he'll need to learn the ropes before going on that venture. Looking for a job, he ends up as a roadie for Malcontent, one of the biggest bands around.

How did he find this job, though? After an accident, he was picked up by some short troll looking guy who gave him a tattoo for free. The catch? Jackson couldn't choose the tattoo. This little man said that the tattoo was to choose the person and the one that chose Jackson? A griffin.

The tattooing process was painless -- so much so that Jackson was convinced the man didn't even needle him. It was after that the tattoo began to burn -- and he learns that it burns during key times and near key people.

Layla was thrown into the music world. She grew up in it and unfortunately for her, she is linked to a specific guitar -- and therefore, she is the key to Malcontent's success.

I loved that Jackson was immediately drawn to Layla and wanted to protect her. Equally, I loved that Layla recognized that Jackson could be her escape, but he would get hurt in the process so in turn, she protected him.

This was a cute retelling of The Griffin. I enjoyed the moments of magic!

Retribution by Katie Reus

Publisher: K.R. Press, LLC (5/12/2015)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: NetGalley
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She sees brief glimpses of the future… 

Nika and Alena Brennan will do anything to kill a vicious Russian crime boss and they’re using his only son to get to him. Yet when the time comes to execute their plan, psychic Nika hesitates due to an unexpected entanglement with sexy security expert Declan Gallagher. When her sister is kidnapped and all their carefully laid plans go awry, Nika must depend on Declan and her mortal enemy’s son to get her sister back. 

He invades her dreams and teases her with sensual pleasures… 

As a dream walker, Declan is capable of seeing anyone’s innermost thoughts as they sleep. With Nika, however, he finds himself playing a deadly, seductive game. He knows she’s not who she says she is and he’s determined to find out the real reason she’s in Miami before she gets herself or someone else killed. 

Time is running out… 

Nika’s window of opportunity is closing to save her sister and find a way to protect their secrets without landing them both in jail. With innocent lives at stake, Nika must decide if the retribution she’s waited a lifetime for is worth losing the man who has won her heart. 

I have been really enjoying Katie and her writing.

This was a book that I started and honestly had no hope in putting it down -- it simply gripped me and pulled me in, start to finish.

-- which for me and this particular little trope? Surprised the heck out of me.

I'm not a fan of stories of deception, and this one? Both Nika and Declan are lying to the other. Both have an idea they know what the other is about, but they continue on in their roles, certain the other is in the "bad guy" position.

It takes both of them time to truly open up and trust the other -- nearly until the end of the book. It is that trust that allows them to move forward.

I loved that between Nika and Alena, Nika was the sister who had more of a conscious. She wanted retaliation, sure, but she wanted to go about it in different, 'healthier' ways. Alena goes about it balls to the wall and she does it in a fashion that will cost her happiness.

I loved Declan's character the most -- even though he was the one to start the deception roles in a way. He had his fears, fears he came about in a rightfully so fashion; it takes his brother though to help him through those fears.

This book is listed as a standalone, but I'm curious if we'll get to see into the rest of the Gallagher family. I enjoyed the brothers nearly as much as I enjoyed Nika and Declan.

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review for The Griffin's Secret! So glad you enjoyed Jackson and Layla's story. :)