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Desire Me Now by Tiffany Clare

Publisher: Avon Impulse (5/5/2015)

Series: Desire Me, book 1
Genre: Historical Romance
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Rating: ★★

When Amelia Grant’s past catches up with her and threatens to destroy the life she’s built, Nick Riley doesn’t hesitate to protect her.

With just one look Nick completely undoes her. He wanted her surrender and she all but threw it at his feet. She’s revealed her darkest secrets . . . let him into her heart as he drew her deeper into forbidden games of desire . . .

But what happens when Nick’s secrets can destroy the very foundation they’ve build between each other? Will he let Amelia through the barriers of his past? Or will the truth tear them apart?

Deciding that life had far more to offer than a nine to five job, bickering children and housework of any kind (unless she’s on a deadline when everything is magically spotless), TIFFANY CLARE opened up her laptop to write stories she could get lost in. Tiffany writes sexy historical romances set in the Victorian era. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids and two dogs and you can find out more about her and her books at

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This is a story of an illicit affair in the late 1800s -- a time where casual, nonmarital relations were taboo to the nth degree.

...and the book starts with a bang -- quite literally.

Nick is a businessman in London, in the year 1881. He doesn't do the long-term... at least, not long-term in the sense of marriage and happily ever after. He'd been in his affair with Victoria for five years, after all, before they decided to call it quits. For being such a successful businessman, a strong alpha, and one of those men you just don't want to cross, I found it funny how he had a hard time saying 'no' and walking away from Vic -- one last night turned into a number of encounters.

...guess he just needed to find that one lady who would change his ways and give his heart something to truly desire.

Amelia, when we first meet her, is in her own compromising position -- but where Nick put himself in his, Amelia certainly did not. We learn fairly quickly that Amelia, though, is anything but a small flower. She has spunk, sass, and a fighting spirit -- something that we will see throughout this first book in the DESIRE ME series.

Nick is one of those men who doesn't ask permission -- he just does. This is how Amelia came under his employ. After his rescuing of her, she stated she was going to an employment agency and rather than ask if she wanted the position, he simply announced she was to be his new secretary. And when she questions it? Well, he just doesn't let her. Beyond her bruised cheek, there's something about her that brings out Nick's protective instincts, and he wants her under his roof and safe from harm. His libido, however...

What Nick isn't expecting, though, is that her bruised cheek is only the icing on the cake of a lifetime of hurt and disappointments.

This was a different take on the Historical Romance scene -- and I have to say I loved it. I enjoy historical romances but I tend to be picky when reading them. Perhaps because this one takes place in the late 1800s, I was able to stay more focused on the story, but whatever it was, this book kept my mind intrigued. Maybe it was the affairs... 'cause you know... those taboo affairs -- they just make you want to read more ;)

True to the era, Tiffany wrote the 'damsel-in-distress' role well. When Nick takes Amelia in, it was without ulterior motives, but as time went on, the more he came to care for his new secretary. Covert glances turned to hidden touches. I enjoyed watching the relationship unfold between this alpha and his lady, and look forward to seeing the trilogy unfold. There are still questions, both as a reader and as a character -- I'm excited to see where DESIRE ME MORE will take us come summer!
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