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Unexpected Change - Kindle Cover Final

Unexpected Change by K.D. Sarks 

Publisher: KD Sarks (2/9/2015)
Series: Unexpected Collections
Genre: New Adult
Source: Love Affair with Fiction
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Rating: ★★★1/2

How do you let go of pain when you have experienced the worst? 

Emelyn Pier thought the worst happened on that fateful day. Unable to stay where her memories haunt her, she moves in with her aunt in Carlsbad, California. Her only hope was to start over somewhere new where she can raise her son and get her college degree. What Emelyn didn’t expect was to meet the one person who may be able to help her heal. Just when she thinks she's ready to take a chance on love, her past collides with her hopeful future.

What happens when tragedy strikes again?

Will Emelyn be able to cope this time, or will she run again?

Alex Montgomery didn’t know buying an old Bar and Grill would lead him to the person he is meant to spend forever with nor did he plan on her being so emotionally unavailable. Will Alex stick around when things get too rough and be the one person she can count on, or will he let her pain and fear drive him away.

Can love alone heal a broken heart when it feels it's shattered beyond repair? Or can the unexpected change everything?

Born and raised in the capitol of Nevada, K.D. Sarks lives with her husband, Ryan, who also happens to be her high school sweetheart. Together they have two amazing and rambunctious little ones keeping her on her toes throughout the day while she tries to write and corral them! Her guilty pleasure is watching trash reality TV and indulging in amazing reads while sipping hot tea!

{ excerpt } .

“Yo!” she yells, bringing me out of my own thoughts.

“Sorry, just thinking.” I give her a little smile. “So tell me everything about this arrangement with Matt.” Her head falls back on the couch and I can see her trying not to smile like an idiot which makes me think she likes him more than she is telling me.

“It’s nothing that exciting. After Alex took you home we went down to the pool hall and just hung out, drank some more and talked. They are both pretty cool.” She pauses, knowing I know there’s more to it than that. “Ben found a couple of blondes after a couple games of pool and they all left. Matt and I stayed, we both figured out we didn’t want a serious relationship right now and were just looking for fun.”

I roll my eyes because that never works. But, she is going to do what she wants.

“You know this is a disaster waiting to happen, right?”

She waves her hand at me, dismissing my comment. “Anyways... we decided that if we were lonely at night we would text the other and see if we are free. Why not? We are both single, he is pure sex walking and his dick...”

“LANE!” I scold her and look to Corbin.

“Oh, I didn’t say it loud enough for him to hear. Fine. His penis is...” She holds her hands out and mouths, “Huge“! I just giggle and shake my head. I’m already fighting with my libido with Alex, I don’t want to talk about huge dicks when I’m not getting any. I know, I know it’s my choice. Being a responsible adult is for the birds sometimes.

“When are you going to give Alex a real date?” She points her stare at me.

“Ugh!” I groan.

“What, Em? You like him. He likes you! He talks to you every day!!” she is saying it like I am a complete idiot and am not present when he texts or calls.

“I know, but I need to take it slow. You know how I feel,” I whine to her.

“I know and I think it’s great and you should be careful and take it slow. I’m not saying sleep with him! I’m just saying throw him a bone and go to dinner or something!” She huffs out.

“Why are you so much on his side?” I ask with a small smile.

“Because Em, you like him, like him. First guy in the two years I’ve known you to ever catch your attention. And plus, you and Corbin deserve a happily ever after.”

I smile at her and then change the subject.

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{ review} .
The bones of this story -- the plot, the idea, those things -- were done well.

But for me personally, there were a few things that could have been better. While the ages of the characters called for a new adult/contemporary romance, a lot of the dialogue and thought processes were more along the lines of a middle school/young adult story. I didn't feel that all the thoughts were written out to their entirety.

That said...

It was still an enjoyable read. It was quick, easy, and mindless. There wasn't any trying to keep up with the bad guy, or trying to stay in tune with the deception... it was just there and what was meant to be read was right on the pages for you to read.

Emelyn hasn't had the easiest start to adulthood. A summer fling where last names or numbers were not exchanged, led to an unexpected pregnancy. When she loses one of the babies, she harbors an immense amount of guilt -- as many of these mothers do.

She's done with dating. Her sole focus, besides getting ahead in life by going to school and holding a job, is her son, Corbin. What scenes we do see her with her son, she's a good mother. She's attentive and loves him to pieces.

I think it was a bit funny, cute even, that when she first started talking to Alex, she told him to call her 'Em' because everyone else does; he pretty much just does his own thing and only ever calls her Emelyn.

The few times, though, that he does call her Em, she misses his using her full first name. It's like a nickname that's not really a nickname.

When it came to Micah, however... I, personally, would not have felt comfortable leaving my child with him for a weekend. There should have been a few more supervised visits. I get that he's the kid's dad and everything but... Micah is essentially a stranger and regardless of the DNA shared between him and Corbin, there are still too many unknowns.

Alex was a very strong lead. Of the two main characters in this story, I felt Alex was better written. There was some immaturity to his thoughts, but I felt that he was more adult in this new adult story. He doesn't hold Emelyn's past against her; he wants to meet her son but doesn't pressure her into it; when he learns his cousin is Corbin's father, it doesn't change his opinion... he still wants Corbin and Emelyn in his life. When she pushes him away, he tries hard to keep her close until finally she pushes one too many times.

Like I said, I enjoyed the story on some levels... just not all. Regardless, I do hope to see other books in this series. I'm curious about Micah's story when it comes to be.

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