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review || SEE HER RUN


See Her Run by AK Leigh

Publisher: Momentum (2/26/2015)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: NetGalley
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Rating: ★★★★1/2

You can run from everything except your past.

Diana King has moved to Smithfield, North Carolina to start fresh. With a new look, a new address, and a new name, she's hoping to begin a safe, quiet life far from the horrors she's endured.

On the painful road to recovery, Diana begins to think she can move forward … until she meets local farmer, Jonathan Smith, and realizes his connection to her previous life. While Jon doesn't recognize her, they both have an undeniable attraction.

Just when Diana begins to see a hope of happiness, she discovers that her ex-husband Russ is on the hunt and will stop at nothing to get her back. For Diana holds evidence that could lock him away for life.

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I enjoy reading books and finding little hints as to how the title came to be -- just one line that says, this is the title.

SEE HER RUN is a little more different than that.

The long and short of it? Diana King is running from her ex-husband; she's in witness protection and with the help of her handler, trying to stay as many steps ahead of the man as possible. 

The catch?

Her ex-husband was a bastard and cut her so badly, she needs crutches to walk -- running is not something she's actually able to do.

Diana is a strong heroine -- in more ways than one. She uprooted her life in order to try and keep her life, as dramatic as that sounds. She ends up at a home in North Carolina, where she meets Jon.

Slowly, a relationship of sorts unfolds between Diana and Jon -- but there's a few little other catches when it comes to their friendship/relationship... such as they know each other, but Jon has no idea.

I typically have a difficult time keeping track of all the minor players in stories, and this one kind of fell along those lines. But of the other minor players? The one who stands out most?


She's a two-faced bitch.

Had to say it.

Moving on... 

What I love about Diana and Jon's relationship is that she slowly allows herself to be her. She stops recoiling and unleashes the fury that builds inside. When she and Jon's relationship starts to progress, from studying to more, he all but hits the brakes.
For a moment, the beat of her heart doubled. Then it stopped.
It was replaced by a hardening in her stomach. She felt it build. Before she could control it, she felt her face scrunch as her thoughts were hijacked by the feeling. Why was he acting like such a jackass? He said she'd done nothing wrong and he wasn't mad. So what was his problem? She let irritation claim its final victory.
Twisting, she wrested her crutches from their position against the sofa's armrest and tugged them to full height. She didn't care that she was being rough with them.
...She shook her head. "You've spoken two words to me all night. If you're not mad at me and I haven't done anything wrong, you're just being rude. I refuse to sit here and let you treat me like that. I don't deserve it and I won't stand for it, not anymore." 

While the book is a typical-length, the story line is a quick one.... but that's easy to forget while reading. Altogether, a fabulous read for those who enjoy romantic suspense!

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