Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BORN IN { series } -- summaries and opinion

...I was very hopeful for this series. This was a series that I stumbled upon on NetGalley and thought the idea behind the books, the synopsis' attached to them, was great and I think I had too high of expectations.

This was a trilogy: Born in Secret, Born in Danger, and Born in Mystery. The books follow each of the Braddack brothers, Max, Ford, and Craig.

In book one, Born in Secret, Brooke learns that the neice she now calls her daughter, Skye, doesn't have the true parentage she thought she did. Brooke's sister had infertility treatments. However, there was a mix-up in the clinic and the sperm used wasn't her sister's husbands, but Ford Braddack's. Being a person who believes in truth and honor, Brooke sets out to find Skye's true family -- not to give up her daughter, as that is her biggest fear, but so her daughter can know of her geneology and parentage. In doing so, Brooke meets Max, Ford's identical twin. As the two of them set off to learn about the mix-up at the clinic, they begin to unravel secrets that were meant to stay covered.

In Born in Danger, Ford is grieving the loss of his wife, who was killed in a skiing accident. In a quick turn, he sets out to marry another woman, however his plans are put on indefinite hold when he's kidnapped at the alter by Devlin, a PI who is trying to uncover the mystery of his wife's death.

Lastly, in Born in Mystery, we meet the ever elusive brother, Craig, who has also lost a wife. He hires a surrogate, Summer, to carry twins (his and his late wife's) for him. Someone's is out to kill her, so in her way to protect the babies she's carrying, she seeks out Craig. He didn't want to know the surrogate, and he's, to say the least, pissed to have to deal with her. And when he finds out her life is in danger, thus putting his babies in danger, he's even more livid with her.

The entire series essentially revolves around this fertility clinic and secrets it is trying to keep covered up. The brothers are at the center of it because they have funds in it. Of the three stories, I liked Born in Mystery the best, but altogether...... It wasn't my favorite read. I felt that there was lack in character development, and I often found myself confused as to what the chain of events were -- there was a lot of jumping between scenes (example: one sentence Summer is in the living room thinking about the fact she'll be in the car and the very next sentence, they're on the freeway) -- the example may be a tad bit exaggerated, but that's the gist of what I mean. When dealing with novella length books, I understand that some decriptions do get left out, but I felt more was missing than should be.

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