Tuesday, September 16, 2014

release day || LoVE

So today is release day for one of my new favorites, TRUTH OR DARE by Mira Lyn Kelly -- and I totally just realized that is a book that has been read and is on my (ever growing) 'to blog about' list.

I'm super hopeful on catching up in the next 24 hours, but in the meantime, just FYI, TRUTH OR DARE is  5 in my book.

In the meantime... a quick comical excerpt from the book!!

(....& because I'm doing this from my phone, my formating of this post leaves much to be desired....... But I'll try and fix late tonight, as well as plan on the face lift!)


“Did you gag? In my mouth, Ford?”

The guilt in his eyes said it all and, wow, her only consolation was knowing this had to be rock bottom. The night couldn’t get any worse.

Except the low rumble of laughter, mocking and undeniably at her expense, quickly relieved her of that misconception.

Witnesses were definitely worse. And judging by the telltale grate happening with her last nerve, she knew exactly who it was standing at the end of the walk.

Apartment Three.


If you can't possibly wait for reviews, you can pick up your own e-copy at BN.com or Amazon.com, whichever fits your fancy :)

....really, you should just download it now and read it, then compare your notes with mine. It's good. It's cute.

I want an Apartment Three.

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