Saturday, September 27, 2014

RUNAWAY HEART -- a summary and opinion

If my biggest gripe with this book is the cover is slightly misleading.... Well, you've got a pretty good book. I realize that this is two reviews in a row where I make a comment about the cover, but I firmly believe a cover is an important aspect to a book. No, you shouldn't be judging by covers, so the ol' cliche goes, but let's be honest -- what's the first thing to attract you to anything?
That's right... what it looks like.

Publication Date: 9/21/2014
To be fair, though... that is one fine speciman of a man on the cover... so regardless if this cover looks almost like it belongs to a historical romance... He's pretty fine.
RUNAWAY HEART is book #1 in newcomer Amity Lassiter's Three Rivers trilogies, Hearts of Three Rivers (I do hope by that line, that means Amity will be revisiting Three Rivers even after those Baylor boys are settled down and poppin' out babies... well, when their ladies are poppin' out babies).
Ren is on the run from her abusive mother, and in tow is her teenage sister. For the past 4 years, Ren and Kerri have been on the move, moving from small town to small town, with Ren finding quick work. They never stay in one place for too long. When they stumble into Three Rivers, Ren finds an add for a homemaker posted at the local laundry-mat. Making the phone call will change her life.
Rather than the expected elderly couple, she's taking a job as homekeeper/nanny for Dane Baylor, who has guardianship of his nephew Gage. Dane is trying to juggle the ranch he was given possession of from his family, while trying to be a father-figure to his late brother's son. He feels his failing miserably and just wants an extra set of hands.
Little does he know, by placing this add he's really starting a ready-made family.
Dane's philosophy with horses can easily be put in place with how he treats Ren.
"'You start easy... show them they have nothing to be afraid of, that you're not gonna let them get hurt. Instead of forcing them into your way of thinking, you ask them to do stuff so that it's their idea. If they don't get it right the first time, you ask again. Until they answer it right. And then you end every session on a good note, so they can feel good about themselves. And you never do let 'em get hurt.'"
And it's true. This is how Dane handles Ren, until she's the one who makes the first full move. And while he can't necessarily shield her from the hurt that is always bound to happen, he does his best to be her protector.
The book was extremely cute. I was a little annoyed with all the 'darlin''s and other southern drawl twang (do they really talk like that All. The. Time. in the south? -- hey, maybe they do), but it was cute. I felt that the romance moved a bit quickly, at least on Dane's part, but we all know guys think with, hmm... You know. And Dane really was no exception. The exception, though, was that he was gung-ho on this family picture they (he, Ren, Kerri, and Gage) created.
While Noah's is the next book, the conversation between Ren and Finn, about not getting to do life over so to hell what everyone else thinks... made me really sad for him. I can't wait for his true happily ever after.
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