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CAN'T HOLD BACK -- a summary and opinion

Here I am, trying to catch up....

I pulled open my NetGalley account and organized allllll the books I'd been approved for via publication date. Some of them already had reviews on here and NetGalley, some simply had reviews on NetGalley for the simple fact I wanted to say that the book had been read. Some just had nothing by way of review. So those with nothing, or just NetGalley reviews, are finally being brought over to here.

...and let me tell you, this list is 30 books long. To be fair, of those 30, 7 are still on my 'To Be Read' list, and one is on my 'Currently Reading' list. I won't get to all 30 right now, but I hope to get a mini-dent into the list.

Oh, and I'm still working on my Post-Look for reviews, as well as my Blog-Look for this thing as a whole.... it will all look pretty in time. Anywho...

Publication Date: June 6, 2014
Back of the Book:
To have and to hold. To trust and to obey. To take and to pleasure… Some things just don’t come up in your wedding vows.

Off to their honeymoon in sexy, exotic Cabo, Dan and Maddie Hudson are finally free from the microscope of small town living. For Dan, a self-assured attorney, this means indulging in the all-consuming intimacy of marriage—especially the naked kind—wherever and whenever his new wife will have him.

But CPA Maddie doesn’t want to be in charge. In fact, there’s something she craves and there’s no one she trusts more than Dan to give it to her. But will pushing the envelope sexually be too much, too soon in their marriage? The last thing she wants is to make her husband regret his vows before the honeymoon is even over.

Can Dan be the man Maddie needs, now and forever? Or will her secret desires bring an early end to their happily ever after?

Warning: This book contains an ├╝ber confident, dirty talking hero and a heroine who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of the bedroom—or the beach. For readers 18+.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Mignon's Excerpt:

Dan clenched and unclenched his fists, and his ears rang so loud, he was getting a goddamn headache. He'd been so caught up in the moment that he hadn't noticed the circle that had formed around them. He half expected to see a bouncer ready to throw him out on his ass, but there wasn't a single person who looked shocked about the bloodshed.
No one but Maddie, anyway.
She stood off to the side, her eyes wide and her chest heaving. Emotion -- what kind he couldn't tell -- pooled in her eyes and she reached out for him, her fingers trembling.
But he stepped back and shook his head.
She'd let that prick touch her. Not just touch her, but touch her. That line he thought they were both so clear on? The one their wedding vows had solidified? She'd crossed it. And it felt like a friggin' dagger, twisting in his chest.
 -- -- -- -- -- -- --  -- -- -- -- -- -- --  -- -- -- -- -- -- --  -- -- -- -- -- -- --  -- -- -- -- -- -- --  -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Oh, Maddie...
I just want to say that while it's commendable that a woman knows what she wants out of her sex life.... she really needs to be vocal about it.
Choosing to make her new husband aware of it in the manner that Maddie does it is just wrong. I was completely Team Dan on this one.
I felt the synopsis was a bit vague, and the last line about Dan being the man for Maddie, now and forever, or her secret desires, etc etc... well, it's a bit generic. Granted, I've attempted to write synopsis' before, and it's not all that easy.
As a whole, the story was good... yet there was room for more to make it great. I did not agree with Maddie's methods. If I were judging the book on character, it is a solid 4. Judging the book on developement and writing, it could be a 5. But because I'm so anti-Maddie's-methods (really, give the dude a true clue)... it's getting a 4 from me.
Give it a shot, and buy it for your Kindle. It's a super quick, easy read. It's part of a series, but most definitely can be read as a stand-alone! Also, Molly McLain is from Wisconsin, so she gets major props from me on that. Go, Wisco!

...also, just because I'm not a huge Maddie fan (ok, so I like Maddie, just hun, you gotta say something....) doesn't mean I'm not a Molly McLain fan. Like I said, I liked the novella in general. When I have a moment, I would be interested in reading book one (Dan's brother and Maddie's BFF's book).

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