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review || BAIT & SWITCH { release day } by Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan Books | February 9, 2016 | Contemporary Romance
Alphas Undone, book 1


Love is a trap, a trick only other people fall for. Former Navy SEAL Nolan has no such illusions. The only things real in his life are his beloved bulldog and the two women who regularly share his bed. One is light—soft, innocent, and tender touches. The other is dark—and gives him all of the wicked things he craves behind closed doors. It’s not cheating when each is aware of the other. But when he begins to feel much more than he ever bargained for, the order of his carefully crafted world is shaken, and he stands to lose everything.

Nolan thinks we met by chance. We didn’t. I sought him out, seduced him, and in return got the sanctuary I needed to survive. But now, impossibly, I’ve fallen in love with him. I don’t care that he has another lover, because when he finds out who I am, it’s going to ruin any chance I ever had with him anyway. She’s the least of my worries.

Bait & Switch is Book 1 in the new contemporary romance series Alphas Undone, which will each feature a new couple.

This is a standalone novel.

{ about kendall ryan } .

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than 18 titles, Kendall Ryan has sold more than a million ebooks and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She's a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as enjoying success as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she's appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller list 23 times.

Visit her at: www.kendallryanbooks.com for the latest book news, and fun extras.

{ excerpt } .

She hooked one leg over mine, and I rocked my hips into her pelvis to let her feel what she’d done to me. Lacey groaned. “I take it you liked the massage.”

“What gave me away?” I asked, breathing hard against her neck.

“A certain wayward southern appendage.” She ground into me again, her hips moving against mine.

I almost chuckled. Almost called her out for being too prissy to say the word cock . . . until her hand slid down to my jeans to unbutton me.

“Maybe he needs some attention too,” she rasped against my throat.

I hadn’t come here for this and wouldn’t have pressed her, but I also wasn’t going to turn her away. We would take things at whatever pace she wanted.

Tugging down the zipper to her shorts, I was desperate to touch her and bring her pleasure. I pushed my hand inside her shorts, fumbling when she reached down to grip my denim-covered erection. Christ.

My fingers soon found what they were looking for. She gasped as I rubbed in slow circles through her panties. Even with the cotton barrier, I could feel the firm bud of her swollen clit. I sucked in a breath when she tightened her fist, kneading my hard cock.

“Together,” was all she said. But I understood. Only a little impatiently, I waited until she had unzipped my jeans before slipping my fingers under her panties.

I gave a soft groan at the feel of her hot, slick folds. “God, baby, you’re so wet already.”

“All for you,” she murmured huskily. “Touch me, please.”

I obeyed in a heartbeat, echoing her moan when she pulled my cock free and started stroking up and down with whisper-soft strokes.

{ review } .

When the author states that this is an unconventional romance, she wasn’t kidding. This story is about a man who has his submissive roommate, who starts casually dating a woman who is everything Daniella is not – but then again, Daniella is everything Lacey isn’t, too. Rather than keeping his lives separate, rather than essentially ‘cheating’ on one with the other, he’s upfront with both women – Daniella knows he’s been hanging out with a woman casually (but what Daniella and Nolan have isn’t a relationship, more an agreement) and while Lacey is pretty straight-laced, she’s not out for a serious relationship and after thinking about it, agrees to the current arrangement. Nolan keeps both sides of his life separated, though.

As the weeks go on, he finds himself vulnerable with Lacey – something that he’s not used to in the least bit. The more time he spends with Lacey, the more he questions his arrangement with Daniella. And then of course, as things start to get a little more serious (without him realizing it if course) the question comes up – play it safe and stick with the tried and true arrangement with Daniella with a regular ‘piece’ on the side, or take the risk and go ‘normal’…

Lacey started out this adventure with a singular goal, and while she wanted to get close to Nolan, she was prepared to take it slow. She had her end goal, after all. She agrees to casual dates with Nolan, but as her feelings start to progress and they spend more time together, she starts to question just how much she truly can handle the whole Nolan-Daniella situation.

Being a casual ‘relationship’, I felt that Lacey handled herself incredibly well. Watching as she battled her inner demons as well as the feelings of jealousy truly helped round her character out. With some twists and turns, though, we get an even broader picture of Lacey and with it, I would say a little more respect… even if things aren’t gone about in exactly the best manner.

This was an easy book to read. Told in dual point of views (with a few mysterious ones thrown in there, as well), the reader gets a true sense of both Nolan and Lacey as the story progresses. I enjoyed watching Lacey struggle with her goal vs. feelings but for the most part, her characterization was pretty straight-lined. She pretty much read as a normal woman in a normal world falling for a normal guy. Nolan, on the other hand, had a lot of character growth in this story, and watching the wan and ween of his feelings, thoughts, and eventual outcome were fun. I liked watching his internal battle of Daniella vs. Lacey, and then as things with Lacey start to pick up, questioning what he was doing with Daniella.

While we don’t get Daniella’s point of view, you do see her through the eyes of Nolan, as well as glimpses and short conversations with Lacey. She, too, was a solid character who had managed to find a comfortable bubble for herself and wasn’t all about change.

Some of my favorite scenes have included Greyson, Nolan’s old teammate and still good friend. While he doesn’t always have the most advice, or any at times for that matter, he was a good guy. I can’t wait to watch as he comes to terms with his own demons.

For Kendall Ryan fans, I think this is a solid piece to add to the collection. For those who haven’t read her yet, I think that this is a good indicator of her style – even if it is unconventional and the storyline isn’t one she’s done before. 

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