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review || NOOSE { release blitz } by Marata Eros

Tamara Rose Blodgett | February 11, 2016 | MC Romance
Road Kill MC, book 1



A smorgasbord of sweet butts, one for every taste.

Noose has a sweet tooth that won't quit, and a clubwhore to suit his every need. Being a part of the Road Kill Motorcycle Club isn't a hard choice for Noose. A former Navy Seal and expert knotter, he's seen realtime choices—in circumstances most never do.

It's killing road. Women and freedom are the benefits of being a one percenter.

Until Rose Christo comes along and slams the brakes on his outlaw existence.


Rose Christo knows death.

Murder stole her sister, and gave her a son that's not hers. Love doesn't come in neat packages; it comes in the form of a five-year-old boy. Love is packaged in a man that tears out her heart with a brutal sexuality that strips Rose of her most sacred vow.

Never count on a man. Never love.Never.

When her sister's murderer comes calling, demanding his property, who does Rose trust?

Novella length, app. 85 pages/21K words

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Marata Eros is the author of over seventy titles, including her NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novel, A TERRIBLE LOVE, and the #1 international bestselling erotic Interracial and African-American TOKEN serial. Marata writes a variety of dark fiction in the genres of erotica, fantasy, romance, suspense and sci-fi. She and her husband live in the midwest with their four sons and three disrespectful dogs. Marata's #1 hobby is reading; she loves interacting with her readers.


Noose Teaser

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When I read an MC romance, I expect to see a little bit of that harsh roughness that is so evident in many erotica stories. It works for the culture, in my opinion. Yes, I like my alpha men to have a sweet, protective side, but the nature of the beast has them taking people roughly, and giving kisses softly when all is said and done...

I think that Marata Eros has accomplished just that.

Now... just so you are prepared... This is part one -- meaning it ends on a cliff. And what a doozey of a cliff it is. I am in need of book two now. Also, this is part one -- further meaning that the love is a bit quick and intense, and that as a reader, you may feel that there's so much more needed in their story for Rose and Noose to fully understand their feelings.

I enjoyed watching Noose fall for Rose. He was definitely the quicker of the two, and with it, we see his reactions to love. My favorite of those reactions? That he lashes out in harsh words when hurt. Rose may not have understood it, Rose may have thought he was just showing his roots, but the underlying was the emotion.

Rose never wanted to fall for a biker. Falling for a bike was the. farthest thing on her mind. Her sister was murdered by a biker, after all. Little did she fathom, she'd fall for a biker herself -- from a rival gang.

These two meet and get it on quite quickly, in all honesty, and Noose gets a little butt-hurt quite quickly, too, but these two were enjoyable to read. Rose has some sassy-comical thoughts along the way that didn't quite jive up with the characterization we are presented, but it made for great comedy and eye rolls -- all in good jest, I assure you.

Of course, with MCs come judgement, and there's a scene towards the end that I wanted to throttle the judge-er. I did, however, find that in that particular moment, we see what exactly Rose means to Noose, and it turned into a beautiful scene in that regard. Additonally, I enjoyed Snare's friendship with Noose and am kind of excited to see him as this story progresses.

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