Wednesday, February 24, 2016

review || HIS TO GUARD by Elizabeth Reyes

Self-Published | February 26, 2016 | Contemporary Romance
Fate, book 6


Even if you've given up, it doesn't mean your heart ever does.

With her life in danger, Raquel Santana had just begun to blend into the sleepy little town she'd escaped to, to start over. Now her father's non-negotiable plan to protect her could ruin everything. After adamantly refusing to have someone watch over her, she finally relents.

Only nothing can prepare her for who arrives at her doorstep.

Finding out the beautiful woman Isaiah Romero is assigned to guard is someone he has a sizzling past with—someone he's never been able to forget—should've been a good thing. But when that woman is someone who a)he'd never trust with his heart again and b)completely off limits to him forever now, his loyalties are tested.

When the forbidden becomes His to Guard . . .restraint becomes a torment.

Despite the attraction he's surprised he still feels for her and the inevitable sexual tension he knows he'll have to endure, Isaiah is adamant about one thing: even unwritten rules should never be broken—until they are.

Note to readers who are not caught up yet and wondering who Isaiah is? The Fate series is a Moreno Brothers spin off series Isaiah, Nathan and AJ "Rage" Romero are cousins of Romero from the MB series. They were introduced in the 3d Fate book Suspicious Minds (Fate #3). They are brothers and their sister Olivia, was paired of with Lorenzo Moreno in Suspicious Minds. In Again (Fate #4),their youngest sister Emi, is paired off with Sydney from Forever Mine the first in the MB series. I have one more story planned for the Fate series after this one Uninvited, tentatively scheduled to be released sometime in 2016. But you can add it to your GoodReads shelf now! =)

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Lately, I have found Elizabeth Reyes's books to be easy reads that get me through the hump of reading. In this latest Fate book, we have Isaiah "Sai" Romero. I loved his connection with Kelli -- even though these two battle trust issues from the beginning to the end of their story. Not only trust issues, though, there's the issue of his family, as well -- because not only does Kelli have a past with Isaiah, but she has a bit of a past with Nathan, his brother, as well.

This is a story of trust and fighting attraction, a story of battling what you want versus the outside opinions in your family, as well as a story of the importance of communication. Kelli and Isaiah's story certainly isn't an easy one. The first half was good, but I found the second half of the book to hold the most drama, and therefore had me pressing on to read more. I needed to know more, as everything started to fall in -- or out of -- place.

I will say... Kelli fights for the approval of Isaiah's family and it was an ongoing battle from beginning to end (I can't say I remember too much of her in Rage, though... I was super focused on AJ and little Clair, I guess). It's not an easy fight in the least bit. One of the tougher people to convince is AJ -- and I absolutely loved the scenes with him. What can I say, I loved AJ in Rage. I wish we had more AJ and Clair scenes, but there's a sweet little family-man AJ scene at the end of this one that made my heart happy, so it was all good.

This epilogue was incredibly cute. It showcases the full circle of what Kelli and Isaiah go through, and it couldn't have been done in a sweeter way.

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