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review || CLAIMED { blog tour } by Alana Sapphire

Publisher | November 14, 2015 | Romantic Suspense
Death Dealers, book 3


I’m broken. Damaged goods. I was violated in the vilest way possible and I’ll never be the same. He’ll never claim me now. Why would he even still want me? Why would anyone? I don’t have what he wants anymore. I’m not even the same girl he met. He’ll leave me just like everyone else in my life. I don’t want him to go. He’s all I have.

I should have protected her and I didn’t. Everything that happened is my fault and if she wants nothing to do with me I wouldn’t blame her. I know I should have stayed away from her but I was selfish. I still am. I’ll move Heaven, Hell, and everything in between in order to make things right. I don’t want to lose her. I can’t. She’s mine.

18+ for explicit language, violence, drug use, and sexual situations. Book 3 in a series. **NOT A STANDALONE** Books 1 & 2, Forbidden and Tempted, must be read first.
**DISCLAIMER** This book explores the themes of sexual assault, and depression. If these are triggers for you, please proceed with caution.

{ about alana sapphire } .

Music and writing are my two great loves. I always thought I'd be doing one or the other. Alas, I cannot sing or play an instrument so I'm relegated to listening to music (and eating copious amounts of chocolate) while I write. Hoping you'll enjoy my characters as much as I do!

{ excerpt } .

He leans over me and claims my lips, kissing me the way he did before all this shit happened. It’s not the gentle, careful kiss of the past few months but a hungry, passionate mouth-fuck I’d come to love from him. I glide my fingers through his hair, moaning as his hard dick connects with my pussy. He groans and leaves my lips, kissing his way across my cheek and down my neck, stopping at my breasts. Pulling my hardened nipple into his mouth, he sucks while his thumb and index finger torment the other.

My back arches and he cups both breasts as his lips move down my stomach. I squirm beneath him, desperate to finally feel him inside me.

“Waited so long for this, babe.”

“Then why are you stalling?” I demand impatiently.

His lips stretch into a smile against my skin. “Not stalling, doll. Savoring.”

Fuck. Me.

He spreads my legs and kneels between them, sliding his tongue over his lips. Baby Jesus, he’s going to lick me. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as he stares at me like I’m a juicy steak.

“You’re going to come on my tongue, and then I want to feel that tight pussy clenching on my dick.”

He lowers his head and I fall back on the mattress as his tongue glides between my lips.


Fucking hell! What manner of torture is this? His tongue swirls all over my pussy and he lets out a satisfied moan.

“Sweet…so sweet.” Once again, I feel his lips stretch in a smile. “No monkey bread can compare.”

{ review } .

I loved this conclusion to the DEATH DEALERS series. I read the three books, one after the other, and this was by far my favorite (I will likely only review the previous three on Goodreads and Amazon, though, unless I have time to slide them over this way).

I wanted to milk this puppy, let it last. I absolutely loved the growth of both Gage and Raven through the books -- from the sassy girl and the MC president who didn't take no for an answer, to the growing relationship -- to where this book starts and ends.

In CLAIMED, there is a lot. There's growth and emotion and revenge. We see both Gage and Raven at their lowest -- but both respond to it differently. I think Gage's love shines through the best in this conclusion. He's protective of her, but at the same time, he tries to push her. He knows she needs someone to talk to, someone other than him, and he knows that she needs to get closure on some of the things in her earlier years.

Gage, even though he can't put the word to it, love Raven with everything he is, and his guilt over what happened to his old lady, his little bird, his baby doll, is palpable. As much as he fears she'll push him away and that he deserves it... he can't help but want, need, to keep her close and safe.

"You make me want more... better." --Gage to Raven

The writing was done so well in this series, but hands down, CLAIMED was Alana Sapphire's best. She took a very hard topic and she handled it extremely well. There were times, sure, that I felt Raven's emotions and responses flip-flopped too quickly, one extreme to another, but that can very much be the case with abuse/rape victims, so it was easily overlooked.

I would like to note, though, that I loved her writing in the contemporary and suspense sense. From what it looks like, she likes the erotica scene, but I feel the books with the heart, the soul, and the true love are her calling. Her verbiage choices in some of the kinkier scenes, in the descriptive sense, were a little much for me personally -- they would take me away from what I was feeling; I sometimes would forget what 'lips' she'd be talking about, for example (how, I'm not really sure, but it happened). That's not to say I disliked all her hot and steamy scenes. I liked the one example above, for instance.

I would love for the author to keep writing in this MC.

....mainly because I'm a little bit like Chopper at the end.

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